TORONTO – JULY 9, 2018 – DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc. (“DigiCrypts”) is pleased to announce the official launch of what will become the world’s first complete ICO communication platform available as a mobile App through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The platform, called ICO Max (, will be rolled out in 5 phases over the next year and when complete, will become the world’s first turn-key ICO Launch support platform that aims to be 100% regulatory compliant in all jurisdictions around the world.  The platform will be useful for ICO Issuers and ICO investors around the globe.

The 5 phases will include:

1 – FlyerDrop – FinTech and Blockchain Conference advertising for new issuers

2 – SalesDrop – Bringing issuers and registered selling agents together

3 – MemberDrop – Allowing ICO Max Users to register in App as Accredited Investors

4 – Turnkey Underwriting – Providing new issuers with a complete regulatory-compliant team to manage a new issue from start to finish

5 – Post ICO Information Support – providing regulatory compliant post-ICO information and performance updates all in one easily accessible place with push notifications as desired

With the launch of FlyerDrop today, any ICO issuer in the world will be able to use ICO Max as a low-cost tool to create awareness through both the User Base of the App, and more importantly, through a carefully coordinated advertising campaign at specific FinTech conferences around the world.  For less than the cost of attending the conference, an ICO issuer can be sure that their ICO offering will be seen by everyone attending the conference and that their business message will be heard.

FlyerDrop will not filter the advertisers in any manner and neither DigiCrypts nor ICO Max will be commenting on the investment quality of the ICO.  Rather, Flyer Drop will simply become a broad-reach advertising vehicle for ICO issuers.

As future phases of ICO Max are released, ICO Max will work with issuers to ensure that their ICO being issued is compliant with all regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction of issue.  As each phase is released, ICO Max intends to become a world leader in representing only the best and completely regulatory compliant issuers around the world.

About DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc.

Digicrypts is Public Issuer company incorporated in Ontario Canada which has been formed for the express purpose of developing immediately profitable businesses in the Blockchain and Initial Coin Offering Space.  Founded by 5 partners with decades of experience in both Initial Public Offerings and Initial Coin Offerings, the partners have a common goal to help the world develop ICO’s as a respectable, regulatory compliant security offering that is parallel in stature, and compliance to common shares.  DigiCrypts has a strong belief and commitment to helping ICO’s become a highly efficient, legal and secure complement to public shares issued by real and profitable companies from all industries.


Chris Carl – [email protected] – President & CEO

Sergey Shilnov – [email protected] – Chief Technology officer

Greg Limonov – [email protected] – VP Business development

Stan Milc – [email protected] – VP Global Marketing

David Posner – [email protected] – Chairman of the Board                          

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