Update from the DEScrow team about their ICO and technology offering.

Descrow has developed a unique loyalty system for DES token holders. Why should a token exist? Is one of the most important evaluation criterions for blockchain projects. If token is not used within the platform, there is a risk that it will become a speculative asset with high volatility, and as the final result will cease to exist.

According to Galen Moore from the research agency Token Report, the non use of tokens as an internal currency within the platform can lead to regulators considering such currencies as securities, because they are not used as utility-tokens. With a risk to fall under the security exchange laws and regulations, the platform founders might be fined or experience litigation risk. The token holders could be impacted as well, as the product they invested in might never be launched.

To illustrate what is the utility token, we will use the Descrow platform as an example. DES token, created within ERC20 standard, is the key element of the Descrow platform, which provides with a solution for ICO launching and raising finance for startups, while allowing investors to control the startup development. Token holders invest in the ICO-projects using DES tokens, vote for or against the next rounds of start up investment support, and pay for other services within the platform, such as transfers of the frozen ICO project tokens to other backers. Additionally, token holders have the right to receive 30% discount for platform services.
The more startups join the platform -and it is beneficial for them to work with Descrow, as it increases their reputation value – the more transactions with DES tokens will be processed, and consequently with the growth in demand, the higher will be the Token exchange rate.
One of the most important DES token characteristics is its limited emission. The number of DES tokens will be limited by the emission during the ICO Descrow and will consist of approximately 60 million tokens. Limited emission will not only prevent the inflation growth but also lead to DES token exchange rate increase with more startups joining the platform.

Backers will also have another pleasant bonus. DES token holders are going to participate in the lottery, which will be organized no more than once a quarter. The main ?haracteristic of the lottery is that it is a win-win lottery. To participate in it, the DES holders will be proposed to show some activity or take any action. All participants without exceptions and automatically through Smart Contract will be awarded with a certain number of Ethereum units. This bounty system distinguishes Descrow platform from others. 30% of Descrow project revenues will be distributed to the lottery fund.

Descrow starts selling DES tokens on the 29th of November within the ICO, which will last till the 20th of December 2017. The DES initial price will be 0,001 ETH.

The problem of distrust in modern markets and DEScrow’s solution

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