Hong Kong-based company DeNet with a development back-office in Kazan, Russia is the first Russian project which has managed to establish a strategic partnership with Giga-Watt, the largest American full-service mining solution provider.

DeNet, a forward-looking blockchain startup, has become one of the few strategic partners of American mining giant Giga-Watt, which is continuing its path to the top of crypto mining operators in the world with computing power equivalent to 10% of the world’s Bitcoin mining in 2013.

DeNet Company which has been developing a completely decentralized network will employ Giga Watt’s powerful mining resources to create special facilities, home servers, for mining DNet tokens to feed its rapid expansion into the US market. These home servers will work as nodes and master-nodes for processing and storing information in DeNet network. We foresee that DeNet/Giga-Watt servers will be available on Wal-Mart or Ebay for every single USA citizen and could become the easiest way to mine utility DNet’s tokens around the clock. No of the existing analogues of decentralized solutions gives the opportunity for users to mine their own tokens right at home using tailored made dedicated servers.

“Synergies abound in this collaborative effort. First of all, having such a powerful and highly professional mining partner strengthens DeNet’s presence on the USA market and creates great opportunities for home mining servers to become a part of the new digital reality. Besides, we have huge projections of collaboration with Giga-Watt’s partners to whom we can provide our server capacities” – says Rafik Singatullin, CEO DeNet.

Giga-Watt is in partnership with such promising projects like Doctor Smart, Cereal, OSA Hybrid Platform and Leonardo Render. These companies could become a part of the DeNet decentralized network and reap the benefits by using its cost-effective servers. DeNet proposes payment only for used facilities that allow for significantly reducing their costs while existing services provide strictly determined storage space.

“There are a lot of various ICOs at the moment – too much noise. But what was completely different about DeNet and attracted my attention at once, was their working Minimum Viable Product. They aren’t looking to find investors to believe in their distant dream – they have already done their alpha-version to prove they can achieve results for real. The other determining factor was a well elaborated and transparent economic model which seemed to me convincing and efficient” – says Dave Carlson, CEO Giga-Watt. “Then I initiated the idea to create special DeNet mining servers for households and also invested money into the project. Thus, DeNet is going to help Giga-watt to diversify its business and to give our token holders additional opportunities. On the other hand Giga-Watt will bring its expertise in creation of equipment for home servers”.

An alpha-version of decentralized data storage & web-hosting or MVP is only the first stage of the DeNet project, which was created to demonstrate of major operation options. At the end of this testing stage (Q4 2019) DeNet will move to implement a fully decentralized network for providing and renting IT–capacities for file storage and web hosting. One of DeNet’s main goals is to restore the right of online anonymity and the security of personal data from third parties that civil society lost in the 21st century. DeNet aims to bring a new business model to the existing industry and evolutionize it by combining idly standing capacities. A team of senior industry professionals from all over the world is working on this project so the each and every citizen of the world will be able to use the Internet safely and securely.

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