Dell Technologies has unveiled research showing how IT transformation is now acting as an engine of growth for businesses, leading to a €168m increase in yearly revenue and total revenue growth of 20% over 5 years.

The ‘Business Impact of IT Transformation’ study undertaken by IDC on behalf of Dell Technologies identifies three ways that organisations are realising revenue gains through IT transformation:

  • Reducing the time to market for customer-facing applications and services, fostering more business opportunities and winning more business;
  • Improving the quality of existing applications and services, including increasing employee productivity levels;
  • Having the capacity and capabilities to create cutting edge product and services that meet evolving customer needs.

In an era of monumental change, investment in IT transformation has been found to fuel the development of new and highly functional applications, with 31% of leaders stating that more applications have been delivered on time and 28% asserting they have developed more features.

IT modernisation projects are also empowering organisations to be more IT agile. Half of respondents to the IDC survey have said they experienced reduced time to deploy new services, whilst 58% have witnessed reduced staff time in deploying converged infrastructure.

However, the research points towards the many challenges that may arise when driving IT transformation. Funding ranks top among these challenges with finance departments often hesitant to pay for new IT initiatives. Critically, organisations also lack the new skills needed to manage more extensive and complex infrastructure networks.

Aisling Keegan, Vice-President and General Manager of Dell EMC Ireland, said: “To help businesses succeed in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, IT modernisation must evolve from simply being an enabler of back-office processes to be a key driver of digital transformation – propelling business forward and supporting innovation.”

“While IT transformation can be challenging for some businesses in Ireland, those that choose to be ambitious reap the financial reward. Today’s findings show businesses in Ireland can, on average, achieve 20% revenue growth by investing in IT.

“For those businesses looking to get ahead in today’s digital age, the adoption of hybrid IT – or a mix of on-premise IT and cloud computing capabilities – is a good starting point. The ‘available anyway’ nature of cloud computing helps organisation to scale easily and expand their geographical reach. Whilst investment in converged infrastructure to transform on-premise operations streamline infrastructure management.”

IDC interviewed sixteen organisations around the world about the impact of IT transformation initiatives on their business results. These organisations have an average of almost 10,000 employees, generate an average of €1.31 billion in revenue a year and are located in North America, EMEA, and APAC regions.

For more information on the ‘Business Impact of IT Transformation’ study, please visit here.


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