Dell has called on the public to lend its support to #EntrepreneursUNite, a worldwide petition aimed at encouraging the UN General Assembly to adopt the proposed Goal 8 when it votes to agree the Sustainable Development Goals on September 15th.

If passed, Goal 8 will serve as a road map for every country to enhance entrepreneurship through laws, regulations, market access and more.

#EntrepreneursUNite is a global movement led by Dell’s CEO Michael Dell. It’s a worldwide petition to rally support from the public, entrepreneurs and private sector leaders.

Speaking about the campaign Niamh Townsend, General Manager, Dell Ireland said: “Dell has a strong history in entrepreneurship. Our founder and CEO Michael Dell started Dell in his dorm room and since then over thirty years ago we have remained passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in all of the communities in which we operate. Globally we run the Dell for Entrepreneurs community which is a virtual network which provides support for entrepreneurs and connects them with their peers globally.”

“It was because of our day to day dealings with the entrepreneur community that Dell became about Goal 8 and started to champion the #EntrepreneursUNite petition. Dell has challenged itself to gather signatures on the petition by September 15th 2015. This is the date when the next UN General Assembly will meet and Dell will present them with the petition to ensure Goal 8 is passed.”

“Today I’m asking people who support entrepreneurs, innovation and economic growth to take two minutes to sign the petition and spread the word so we can ensure Goal 8 is passed by the UN this September.”   

To support the cause you can:

– Sign the petition at https://entrepreneursunite.com/

– Tweet your support to your network using #EntrepreneursUNite

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