Deezer has become the first music streaming subscription service to integrate with IFTTT (If This Then That). The web service allows users to aggregate their apps into one place and set up automated actions, otherwise known as “recipes”, so when an action is performed in one app, it triggers an automatic response in another.

Now that Deezer is integrated into IFTTT, users can perform actions in their Deezer app to trigger a response from another app also integrated on the web service. With a vast array of third party services already connected with IFTTT, there are a number of “recipes” users can now set up to make their Deezer experience more connected and personalised.

Key “recipes” currently include:

  • If I favourite a track on Deezer, then share it automatically via my Facebook page or Twitter feed
  • If I add an album to my Deezer favourites, then automatically set its art cover as the wallpaper on my device
  • If I’m listening to a track on Deezer, then set my Philips hue lights to match the album/single cover colours of the song
  • If I tweet a track and artist using a specific hashtag from my twitter account, then add that track to my chosen playlist on Deezer

To check out the new recipes on IFTTT, visit here.

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