Decentralised opinion poll network ClearPoll has this week released their much-anticipated beta app on Android, with iOS due for release very soon.

Having completed a successful ICO in October of last year, the Australian-based team have been working hard on development and marketing, and are making great progress.

ClearPoll Beta includes many new features and a brand new user interface is included. Users can create polls, vote on polls, connect with friends and more. In its current form, it is a fully functional opinion poll app.

ClearPoll is on track to become the first fully operational blockchain opinion poll network, allowing users around the globe to vote on anything at any time. The votes are secured on the blockchain ensuring no hacking, manipulation or censorship of poll results is possible.

A very popular feature within ClearPoll is Star Polls, where celebrities and influencers can connect and poll their followers within the app. 15 stars agreeing to use the platform have already been named on  with many more coming soon, including some big names.

Recently, tech guru and blockchain advocate John McAfee announced he will be using ClearPoll as his polling platform of choice during his upcoming US Presidential campaign.

Beta testing is open, meaning anyone can try it. Follow the links on  to become a beta tester.

ClearPoll is on track for full launch on August 31, including ClearPoll Desktop and the very popular Rewards System, where users can earn cryptocurrency rewards for votes their polls receive. ClearPoll uses POLL tokens as its cryptocurrency, and they are available from KuCoin and Cryptopia exchanges.



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