Last night DECENT descended on New York City to support Indie film’s greatest talent at the 26th Annual Gotham Awards.

Organized by the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP), this year’s winners included Saoirse Ronan who won best actress for her role in Ladybird and James Franco who best actor for his role in The Disaster Artist.

Nicole Kidman, Sofia Coppola, Dustin Hoffman, Jason Blum, Al Gore and Ed Lachman have already been named 2017 Gotham Tributes Artists.

DECENT recently announced a strategic alliance with Pivotal Entertainment, and the event officially launches efforts to align DECENT with the most visionary creators in the entertainment industry.

The awards are just one example of how DECENT is forging a long-term relationship with IFP members. DECENT recently leased office space in their  “Made In NY Media Center” in Brooklyn, whose goal is to support and connect the next generation of media and tech entrepreneurs.

“The mission of IFP’s Media Center is exactly on point with how DECENT desires to collaborate and innovate with the brightest, freshest minds to rethink how content is created, monetized and consumed for the global marketplace,” said
Matej Boda, Founder and Executive Director of DECENT.

DECENT is a revolutionary blockchain-enabled technology providing creators instant access to a global marketplace.  In addition to allowing individuals to price their content, DECENT eliminates third party fees, provides instantaneous payment, and simplifies crowd-funding.

For the consumer, DECENT offers the convenience and reliability of traditional distribution channels as well as the ability to directly support their favorite creators.

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