We had a break last week as Liina was away at conferences in Los Angeles. The word on the West Coast is that ICOs are changing dramatically and the utility token has run its course with security tokens dominating the funding scene.


We are also experiencing a sea of calm in the bitcoin world. Bitcoin has been more stable than other traditional fiat financial exchanges over the past two months. Imagine that – bitcoin more stable than the Dow Jones. Whatever next? There is a lot of talk of course that a big curve will come soon. The question is whether or not it will go up or down…


We also had the clocks go back this weekend – in both Ireland and Estonia – so we both got an extra hour in bed (children allowing). Of course with the EU looking to reverse daylight savings this could be a thing of the past. It was introduced during World War I to help reduce energy consumption. The idea being that when it is bright early in the summer, we can get up an hour earlier. In winter, pushing back the hour makes it easier as it is brighter in the mornings. We need daylight to get up – or at least it makes it easier. In Ireland because of the 1916 rebellion we were out of sync with the UK and for a period Dublin was 25 minutes (not sure why not a full half hour) behind the UK. When the rebellion ended, we were re-aligned in time at least.


Of course, with Brexit, what will happen? With Britain out of the EU will they maintain daylight savings? And if they do, what will happen with Northern Ireland? As people travel across the border into the Republic of Ireland will there be two different times?


And will the curtains fade faster in summer? These are the questions that perplex us here in Ireland.


But for questions about good week, bad week in crypto – then watch and listen in here…


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