Search engines are getting smarter and better, especially since they started to incorporate social networking into their indexing. It’s harder than ever to safeguard private information, then there’s the rising Dark Web fear. While there are solutions out there that say they could track the Dark Web and the ‘regular Internet’ to protect your information there are things you can do to protect yourself.

Google is now a household name that people all around the world use as a verb to describe the act of searching the internet using a search engine. However, South Korean technology company Dataxchain is thinking about becoming Asia biggest artificial intelligence operator as well as the major player in large data. Dataxchain is planning to launch a complete demo of the new search engine by 1Q, 2019 and beta demo by Mid 2019 and full version launching by 4Q, 2019. Dataxchain engine is the next generation of information trading/search engine that enables not only information processing such as automatic data collection, classification, tagging, and curation but also enables data transactions. These trades are directly applied to development without human intervention by pre-processing data, using a scalable deep learning engine technology.  The Dataxchain engine will incorporate a custom designed AI technologies which may be applied to data analysis to the convenience, health and safety of citizens.

DataXchain will feature an a online video know-how navigation system called “x-labeler”. The X-labeler technology capabilities will include data assessment and security tools that will be accessible to citizens for data-tagging requests and security reports.

DataXchain COO Frank Cha, said that”AI will bring about changes concerning enrichment and a high-quality environment in our own lives. It will especially be developed through conjunction with blockchain technology and it is going to have strong synergy”.

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