By@SimonCocking interview  with Douglas Lyons, ICO Advisor/Coordinator, Consultant, Unicorn Hunter ?, and now also advisor to Datarius Cryptobank

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My experience and track record of high performance provide the depth and expertise required to elevate my clients’ businesses and execute a successful ICO / ITO launch. I provide customized solutions to clients to help them meet their strategic goals. As an industry leader I have helped raise well over $75M usd in ICO funding for various blockchain start-ups.

I am dedicated to providing the best advice to founding teams, corporate’s, and funds on how to optimize ICO execution while navigating the increasingly complex legal and tax hurdles involved. I am also dedicated to providing potential investors a thorough evaluation and opinion of a projects ability to have an ROI, market share and mass adoption. These analytics are done through both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and “deep research” form of due diligence.

I am available to provide council through an individual and non-technical approach, and can explain the underlying technology and provide individuals and groups the knowledge to take advantage of emerging technology as an early adopter and make sound investment choices.

I have been involved as an investor and promoter of cryptocurrency since 2013.

I am personally invested in more than 30 current and closed ico’s and make investment decisions through a process of extreme due diligence and risk assessment to which I have 27 years experience in both quantitative and qualitative risk analysis.

This effort and investment in time has translated into a very successful and diverse portfolio that includes investment in 4 (pre ico) unicorns and convertible proffered equity stakes in numerous projects.

Why did you get involved with the Datarius Cryptobank ICO? 

The idea that it is a P2P platform that greatly reduces transaction costs, I believe is the differentiator and future of crypto trading.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea? 

Self governance and P2P is the basis of blockchain and crypto currency. When it can all be integrated into one platform, that is the most extraordinary and powerful tool one can possess. I also believe this has the potential for investor ROI in both the short and long term.

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