Data Summit Dublin 2017, which takes place on June 15th and 16th, is set to explore the role data can play in shaping the society we inhabit.

Businesses have a head-start in using data to shape their offering, but social enterprises and not-for-profits are fast catching up. Through analysing data, organisations which wish to bring about social change can become more effective.

Minister for Data Protection, Dara Murphy T.D., said: “It’s a priority to us that Data Summit stimulates a far-reaching and inclusive discussion on the role of data in modern society. The power of big data is familiar in the business realm, but at Data Summit we want to extend that conversation into a social context. Whether it’s learning what needs exist in the community or deciding how best to go about meeting those needs, data has a role to play.”

Eminent speakers including the THINKTECH Awardees Seán Moynihan, Chief Executive, ALONE; Aoibheann O’Brien, Co-founder, FoodCloud; Marianne Checkley, CEO, iScoil; Aoife Corcoran, COO and co-founder, Space Engagers; and, Deirdre Mortell, CEO, Social Innovation Fund, will debate the topic at Data Summit.

Aoibheann O’Brien, the Co-founder of THINKTECH Awardee FoodCloud, said: “We’re very excited to be participating in Data Summit and to be showcasing the societal benefits of harnessing the power of data. Data has been the key enabler in our development and growth as a social enterprise. Our smartphone app allows businesses across Ireland to redistribute surplus food into the hands of those who need. We’re hoping that through our participation, we can inspire the next generation of socially-aware entrepreneurs.”

Deirdre Mortell, the CEO of the Social Innovation Fund Ireland (SIFI), said: “Our THINKTECH programme has enabled four leading innovators to develop world class data-led services with real world human impact. Through THINKTECH, SIFI has brought together Google, the Irish Government and these four innovators to ensure their bold ideas get on the move to scale up nationally and internationally. This is only the beginning, with our model of Government funding matching philanthropic funds, we have a real chance at becoming a world-leader in data for societal good and we are here to make sure that happens.”

Organised by the Department of the Taoiseach and the Government Data Forum, the Data Summit brings together thought-leaders from the data world to discuss wide-ranging social, technical and ethical issues that arise in an increasingly connected and digitised world, from discussions on the future of privacy and trust in the digital age to how we can realise the potential of data to deliver social good.

Discounts are being offered for students and representatives of the charity sector. Competitive rates are also available for both private and public sector delegates.

The link to registration can be found here.

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