By @SimonCocking. Another series of informative and enjoyable interviews with leading innovators from the tech world, both in Ireland and globally. Enjoy, share, think on, and let us know your thoughts. If you’d like your business to be featured then drop us a line here [email protected].


Great female founders : Salone Sehgal, reinventing gaming for female audiences

Interview Paralyses?  Preparation is your Protection by Colm Cavey

HOW TO BE A GREAT PYTHON CODER, tips for improving your Python

Make sure your data is managed securely. Insights from Daragh O’Brien, Top Data Security thought leader

Pitching to Win Sales and Investment, from Andrew Keogh pitching coach expert

Design, leadership, and technology are directly affecting our lives. Scott Jancy explains more

Companies can have longer lifespans by developing sustainable policies to guide good corporate practice

Dark Net insights with Jamie Bartlett – why radical movements are early adopters

Finance will be radically different in 10 years. Huy Nguyen Trieu, global fintech influencer

Remember what and who matter most, entrepreneurial insights from Daniel Newman, TEDx, Forbes, Digital Transformation

Advanced persistent threats are ferocious, intelligent, targeted, and evolving daily. Data insights with Bill Kleyman

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