The first thing that came to mind after I installed this application was how much I could’ve done with it 15 years ago when my first son came along!

Like most first time fathers, back then, I thought I could just wing it. How naive was I? The Daddyo App looks to offer expectant fathers information on the whole pregnancy, childbirth and parenting process from conception up until the baby is six months old.

There is a lot of information here but it is kept concise, which is good as it may become overwhelming otherwise! The information is presented in topics such as “Baby Scans”, “Labour” and “Preparing A Bottle”  and then further categorised based on a timeline from -9 months to +6 months.

The design of the App is clean and well laid out. From the moment you open the App, navigation is obvious. There’s no fancy animations, just the information the developer feels you’ll need, up front and center.

Information in each topic is presented generally in the format of an illustration, a description of the topic, suggestions or helpful information and some facts or tips. As I mentioned above, it is to the point and where appropriate, is written with some wit.

The app was originated by iQ Content’s Tom Cunningham, whose personal experience was the catalyst:

As a first time dad, I was handed a bunch of books and told to get studying. I wanted something that showed me how to be a good dad and was always there just when I needed it. Thats why we developed Daddyo as an app. Daddyo delivers straight talking, good advice in bite size chunks to guys who are about to become dads.”

For any first time fathers out there (or even second or third time fathers looking to brush up!) this App will be a great help. It offers good advice and explains some things many fathers might claim to understand, but in reality probably won’t have a clue about.

It’s available now for iPhone and iPad in the App Store for €1.79 and you can checkout their website for more information.


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