Cyclin tokens from CyClean are currently trading in the Ethereum market. Since the listing of Cyclin on the Dobi exchange, people have rushed to buy a Cyclin Token, and the Cyclin has witnessed a huge price increase.

When the CCL was first listed on August 16th, it started with an ETH of 0.0001, or $ 0.025. Less than a day later, the Cyclin token jumped more than 700%. Currently, the price of CCL is set at 0.00122 ETH, or about 12 times the starting price. While the rest of the market is weak, the Cyclins is currently outperforming all coins. Cryptic currencies are usually depreciated after listing, but the Cyclin does not look like it at all.

The Dobi Exchange released the Cyclin listing and air drop event, and treated the Cyclin as a special feature of the website. Details of the air drop are coming soon.

For more information, please visit the CyClean homepage



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