Cycle Ireland, the website that provides online route guides for cyclists of all ages and abilities, today announced the launch of its new smartphone App.

The Cycle Ireland App features 100 scenic routes passing many of Ireland’s top attractions and covering 6,800 kilometres. Photos, videos and route descriptions can be viewed on the Cycle Ireland website and on the App.

James Harrington, creator of the Cycle Ireland App sees a huge opportunity ahead for Irish tourism: “The popularity of cycling is exploding in Ireland. Visitors who cycle here spend €200 million per annum mainly in rural areas. The Giro d’Italia Big Start in May will showcase our countryside to millions of cycling fans across Europe. Our huge network of back roads is a superb cycling resource but is under-utilised as they can be difficult to find and navigate. We need to get the message out to the key markets of the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, online and on mobile, just what is available to cyclists here. We want to create millions of memorable cycling trips with the Cycle Ireland App.”

Bord Fáilte is actively targeting a potential market of 20 million cycle tourists and it is estimated that approximately 170,000 cycling enthusiasts and tourists will visit Ireland’s countryside this year

James continued: “The App is free to try with 4 routes, offering unique content is a big part of the App. It’s perfect for casual cyclists as it does not require a handlebar mount. The App and website has over 1600 photos and 100 videos of routes, which go past hundreds of attractions in the most beautiful parts of the country. All features of the App can be used offline – perfect for visitors from abroad. Greenways are being built, which are a great idea, but the huge network of Irish back roads are a superb cycling resource and are not being fully utilised. A message needs to go out to the key markets in the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, online and on mobile, about what is available to cyclists coming to Ireland. This can be achieved though the Cycle Ireland App, by creating millions of memorable cycling trips. There has never been a better time to launch this.”

The Cycle Ireland App helps cyclists in the following ways:

  • Turn-by-turn directions referencing visual cues
  • If a turn is missed, the cyclist is alerted straightaway
  • All nearby attractions, local useful services and contact details are one click away

The Cycle Ireland App is available for both iPhone and Android for €4.99. A free version with 4 routes, Cycle Ire Lite, is also available.

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