Over the weekend the CyanogenMod team released a statement looking for cash support from people to improve their hardware and better serve the ever growing list of supported devices.

For anyone unaware of who CyanogenMod are, they are group of people who are behind the CyanogenMod custom ROMs for Android. Their ROMs are the most extensively used custom firmwares globally and a lot of their work goes into just about every custom ROM out there today.

The list of supported devices is growing rapidly while building and maintaing the ROMs and nightly builds for each is requiring more and more processing power and storage, hence the request for funds.

If you are someone who uses Custom ROMs for your device and wants to support CyanogenMod’s efforts, there is a link at the bottom of this page.

Statement from CyanogenMod team below.

“As you may know, our nightly builds have recently been sporadic at best. The reason behind this is that previously, we had access to a large compute cluster to perform these builds. This was really great, and gave us all the power we needed to pump out 50+ builds a day. Unfortunately, we no longer have access to this cluster, and have not for quite some time. With CM9 coming up, and CM7.2 ready to go out the door, we are now in quite a bit of a mess. One of the most awesome things about CM in my opinion was the ability to get a fresh build, every day, with the latest and greatest features. And the stats don’t lie either- the community thinks so too.
With that said, we need to purchase new hardware to take on this task. A couple of solid, stable Xeon-class servers with large amounts of RAM and fast disks. Virtual private servers won’t cut it for build machines.
CyanogenMod is not a for-profit business. We are just a bunch of geeks, trying to make our phones more awesome. The donations we get currently cover our operating costs and occasionally go towards developer devices. This time, I need to ask for help from the community for something a bit larger. We need to purchase these servers in order to bring the build infrastructure back to full capacity.
An option I have considered is to charge for access to nightly builds. This seems like a really bad idea, potentially detrimental to the community, and likely to just increase the proliferation of unofficial builds in various states of brokenness. So, I am putting out a call to the community for help. Whatever you can spare will go directly to the server fund, and if successful, we will work to get back to full capacity as quickly as possible.
If you’d like to contribute, please use the PayPal donation link at the bottom of the page (you *must* use this link, rather than going through the links on the forum to contribute to this fund). Let’s show some community power!”




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