is using blockchain technology to allow authentication of CV credentials. So, career credentials such as CV’s, assessments, medical records, training certificates and university diplomas from any sector, from any country can be validated and authenticated for the role one is applying for, in an easy and cost-effective process.

Most of us have exaggerated some piece of information in our CV’s at one point in our lives. If CVproof proves successful, exaggerated and CV’s may not be valid for much longer. While this could be a very useful tool for company’s and employers, it could also prove much more difficult for individuals to find jobs. That being said, it is more important for companies to hire the appropriate skilled and qualified individual, rather than wasting their time and efforts.

What you need to know about



Token:                INK

Price:                 1 INK = 0.12 USD

Platform:            Ethereum

Accepting:          ETH

Soft cap:            4000000 USD

Hard cap:          42000000 USD

Country:            Estonia

Whitelist/KYC:   None

CVproof tokens, which are called INK, will be the currency used by CVProof. CVproof will provide a business model that rewards stakeholders, through a ‘revenue sharing mechanism’. Users will be able to create and sell new services and skills including CV design and recruitment. It is a ‘true game changer’ for regulated and training-oriented industries, such as aviation, education and healthcare.


The ICO will be distributed like this:

Product Development: 16%

Ecosystem: 36%

Operations: 42%

Legal: 6%

Stakes which you will get from the campaign will be swapped for the INS tokens at the end of the campaign. This campaign will last until the end of CVProof ICO (early March or before if the ICO is a success).


Campaign 1: Signature Campaign: 40% allocation
Campaign 2: Twitter Campaign: 20% allocation
Campaign 3: Facebook Campaign: 15% allocation
Campaign 4: Translation Campaign: 20% allocation
Campaign 5: Telegram Campaign: 5% allocation

INK Bounty program Is divided into 5 periods (If ICO continues, the campaign will extend accordingly)

Week 1 :20/01/2018 To 26/01/2018 – END of Week 1
Week 2 :27/01/2018 To 02/02/2018 – END of Week 2
Week 3 :03/02/2018 To 09/02/2018
Week 4 :10/02/2018 To 16/02/2018
Week 5 :17/02/2018 To 23/02/2018


CVProof’s white paper is very readable, clear and simple. It does not promise anything extravagant and it does not seem like a scam, like many other ICO’s. Their idea is both simple and effective and it could be a great success if all goes to plan. The team seem confident that investors will see what they see for CVproof, and therefore invest.

CVproof’s website and whitepaper identifies its four main purposes:

  1. Stop professional profile frauds and cheats
  2. Slash the cost and lead-time of vetting services
  3. Introduce an incentive model fueled by tokens
  4. Reduce non-relevant applications



Ray Chow-Toun – CEO and Co-Founder

Frederic Verin – COO and Co-Founder

Captain François Bouteiller – Aviation Advisory Board,  Co-Founder

Boris Effront – Company Advisor ANCILIA Protect Ltd, CEO

Professor Richard Laganier – Academy Advisory Board


Facebook: 993 followers

Twitter: 4449 followers

Linkedin: 17 followers

Telegram: 4380

CVproof’s Twitter and Telegram numbers are very decent for this early stage, although they still have some work to do before they are heard.


CVproof’s idea is really good and very promising, therefore I can see great potential. It is identifying a problem and resolving it by using blockchain technology to ensure the credibility of data. It is definitely worth investigating further as it could potentially be very successful.  

Written, prepared and edited by @EdinaZejnilovic, Journalism Student at DCU.

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