mytaxi, the taxi e-hailing app, has encouraged Irish customers to plan their trips and hail early as much as possible to ensure they get their taxis when they need them in the hectic run-in to Christmas.

The call came as the taxi app had its busiest day ever last Saturday, 1 December, surpassing its previous record set on St Patrick’s Day earlier this year. Hailing on the app was at its highest that Saturday evening between 6 and 9 pm, with other high-demand times including Friday night at 7pm, Saturday at 1am and Sunday at 1am. mytaxi carried almost 200,000 passengers in total across the whole weekend, and expects this weekend to be even busier.

Speaking as mytaxi launched its Christmas Travel Tips for passengers, General Manager for Ireland at mytaxi, Alan Fox, said: “Increasing demand for taxis has been a feature of 2018 and now that we’re into December, the next few weeks are set to be the busiest yet for the mytaxi app. The vast majority of our trips are simple and smooth but as demand spikes at Christmas we want to help our customers as much as possible so we’re encouraging passengers to check out our Christmas Travel Tips to enjoy hassle-free travel over what is traditionally the busiest period of the year.”

“Our top tips for Christmas 2018 include urging our passengers to plan their journeys more than usual, to travel off-peak as much as possible, and to prebook or hail their mytaxi driver a bit earlier than normal to beat the taxi rush as much as they can over the festive season.”

With 2,017 drivers joining its taxi fleet this year, mytaxi said it was continuing to push hard to recruit further new drivers to meet the surging demand. mytaxi is also continuing to offer incentives to drivers who pass the SPSV test using its high-quality online training platform, with over 400 drivers in total now passing in this way.

“This Christmas we are investing very significantly in additional driver incentives to maximise taxi supply for passengers and we continue to push hard to further expand our fleet by offering new drivers financial and technical support to enter the industry. We are continuing to call on potential taxi drivers to consider the real career opportunities that are on offer in the sector,” added Fox.

mytaxi’s Christmas Travel Tips to help customers get the best possible mytaxi service this festive season include:

1. Hail early

Make sure you plan ahead, and hail early to avoid any disappointments.

2. Over here

Tap the GPS icon before hailing to make sure your pickup location is correct and the driver knows exactly where you will be.

3. Set a Destination

Before you book, set a destination so drivers know where you’re going – it helps them plan ahead and can keep the service running smoothly for everyone

4. Spot your mytaxi

Taxis everywhere? Spot yours easily by matching the roof sign number to the number on your app

5. Add a Profile Picture

Help your driver pick you out from the busy crowd this festive period by adding a photo to your mytaxi profile.

6. Prebook in advance

Going somewhere? Prebook ahead of time and tick another item off your ‘To do’ list. If the time slot is full, try tweaking it by five minutes to increase your chances of a successful booking.

7. Share your journey

Don’t forget, if you’re running late to your Christmas party you can share your journey with your friends and they’ll know exactly when to expect you.

8. Street hailing

Hailing on the street and have no cash on you? No problem, use Pay with mytaxi to pay with the card registered on your account.

For further information on travelling tips, go to:

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