Great interview with Barry Napier, Cubic Telecom CEO, who recently announced it has closed a $47 million Series C funding round.

How has the deal with Audi and their investment plus the other investments announced recently helped Cubic Telecom grow?

This most recent investment is Cubic’s largest to-date, bringing our total funding to $88M. It will accelerate continued refinements of Cubic’s market-proven IoT platform and extend its global footprint, allowing the company to expand its engineering capabilities in Dublin, bringing more job creation to the company’s headquarters.

Do you see Cubic Telecom being involved in autonomous vehicles?

Yes, we’ve already been involved in the autonomous vehicle market. In January, we attended CES in Las Vegas and partnered with several companies including Microsoft, NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI), IAV and a number of auto mobility partners like Esri, and Swiss Re, to showcase a collective vision of safe and secure end-to-end mobility through a highly automated driving demonstration and experience. 

Attendees were able to test drive in a highly automated vehicle to understand how cloud and artificial intelligence can enable personalised in-car experiences and how cars securely “talk” to other cars, how they monitor what is happening in their surroundings to improve safety and how cars can adapt to different driving styles to deliver more personal driving experiences.

Cubic’s involvement included providing full 4G LTE connectivity to power high-quality, always-on infotainment along with access to competitive bundled service plans that include Wi-Fi hotspot services, personal apps, and more. This a very rapidly evolving technology sector with incredibly large investments taking place each year, and we expect that Cubic will continue to be intimately involved in its development.

How has Cubic Telecom furthered its partnerships to provide eSIM technology?

Cubic is continually looking to expand its partnerships to provide eSIM tech as the leading global connectivity platform solutions company for automotive, PC and mobile brands. Cubic is helping to reinforce our strategy in our markets by strengthening our relationships with our partners where we are already providing our eSIM and remote customisation platforms.

Currently, Cubic’s partnerships and network spans:

  1. 1) 180+ countries
  2. 2) 37 mobile operator partnerships w/ major players including AT&T, China Mobile, Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone
  3. 3) 60 full LTE network integrations
  4. 4) Largest independent LTE footprint in Europe
  5. 5) Connected car tech initiatives spanning 13 European countries with connectivity in 36 countries.

Why is LTE connectivity so important to Cubic Telecom and global IoT device makers?

Today’s consumer expects to be connected anytime, anywhere, with high quality, fast and reliable service. Currently, 4G LTE is the most widely deployed mobile broadband technology available, which is why Cubic Telecom has already completed 60 full LTE integrations, with more to come.  IDC forecasts that by this time the worldwide market for IoT solutions will grow to 7.1 trillion, and LTE will continue to be among the leading wireless technologies to support that massive demand.

Cubic is a leader in delivering connected intelligence, and we are at the cutting edge of making all-things-IoT possible. Cubic is in the business of connecting things today, to make life easier, smarter and infinitely more interesting, which is why LTE connectivity is a major focus for us and our partners.

Your main markets are in IoT, machine-to-machine, and mobile devices. What advances can you see taking place over the next 5 years?

Cubic’s connected car tech will be brought to additional European Audi models, as well as to VW and Porsche models.

This platform will also come to U.S. and expand to include other North American models in the near future. I think we are fast approaching the date when the vast majority of new car models will come standard with in car connectivity of some sort, and an array of apps and smart features.

There is always much room for growth in the world of mobile connectivity. I also think we will see extensive change and growth in 5G and next generation networks over the next 1-3 years.

As security is becoming a major issue, how does Cubic Telecom manage it?

Cubic’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) is a state-of-the-art facility managed 24/7 by a dedicated team of technical support engineers. By monitoring, troubleshooting and managing Cubic’s Core Network for faults and alarms, the NOC allows Cubic to quickly address problems with minimal impact to customers.

In terms of the connected car space, keeping a vehicle securely connected to the Internet as it travels across borders is quite complicated, and involves many parts including auto-makers, chip companies, modem manufacturers, wireless carriers, content providers, and platform and solution companies. The key to make this all seamlessly unfold is to ensure that partnerships between these parties work together seamlessly in a common ecosystem for the widespread adoption of the connected car.

With the help of Cubic and our strong partnerships, vehicles implemented with our eSIM technology allow drivers the benefit of not “roaming” even as they go from one country to the next. Cubic enables global connectivity on top mobile networks and remote updates of software, firmware and security, all on a single global SIM card. This multi-IMSI SIM card enables a vehicle to remain “local” in terms of data usage even as it moves from one wireless carrier’s network to another. This is integral to making data plans affordable and will enable the car owner and passenger to connect to online content without worrying about roaming charges or dips in network quality or connectivity.


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