CryptoProfile are hoping to build a safer and more secure ICO ecosystem for new, innovative and exciting blockchain based technologies.

CryptoProfile (CP) have initiated a transformative idea that will revolutionize cryptocurrency airdrops and prove highly beneficial for those holding CP tokens.

The CP TOKEN PRE-SALE IS NOW LIVE! It will END 31st JAN 2019 (GMT+8)

You can learn more about the program here to understand how to participate in CryptoProfile ICO.

 There is also a bounty campaign that you can sign up to, which offers you a variety of ways to earn CP tokens depending on your own particular preferences and the social media platforms where you have the biggest following. There is already an active and energetic online community already writing, blogging, and vlogging about CP which may help to give you ideas about what to write about.

There are also some interesting videos on youtube about the program too, such as this one for example, which goes into details about the CP campaign too.

 Crypto and blockchain Bloggers

Do you have a cryptocurrency blog, with an audience interested in blockchain? You can prepare and post anything such as blog articles, news reports, forum posts, platform/product/company/token/technology reviews related to CryptoProfile and its ICO.

CryptoProfile, offers one platform for all Cryptocurrency and ICO Information seekers. We have good traffic coming to the site as there are lots of questions about cryptocurrencies in general and in particular keen interest in all types of blockchain based initiatives. Our recently published guide to how to identify which ICOs hold value also received a lot of interest from our community too.

There is still just over two weeks left to get involved in the CryptoProfile ICO token sale. If you have any questions do reach out to our team.  CryptoProfile’s total coin supply is capped at 753,471,015. The hardcap is $30,463,808 while its soft cap is $1,162,556. You can learn more about the ICO campaign and how to get involved in it here.

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