There are many ways to trade in cryptocurrencies, and also many sites where you can learn about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The next step towards wider user adoption will be ease of use, and provision of services, easily, from one location. CryptoProfile is aiming to do this by providing all of these services in one place.

Founded in October 2017 by Infochain Holdings Pte. Ltd., CryptoProfile has a large and growing community of over million cryptocurrency enthusiasts — entrepreneurs, writers, investors and developers, who are keen early adopters wanting to explain the value of these emerging technologies to a wider audience.

 CryptoProfile offers a range of services for people and the businesses. The goal is to support as many ICOs as possible to get their message to the CryptoProfile community and beyond.

Here are some of the areas in which CryptoProfile can help:

To improve the profile of ICOs and help their marketing campaigns

CryptoProfile aims to ensure that ICOs get real exposure and helpful feedback in terms of the best ways to communicate and market themselves. CryptoProfile’s strong track record is available to help ICOs through a full-service package, including; ICO digital marketing, community management, ICO public relations, pitch decks, slideshare insights and much more.

How to achieve better airdrops

An ICO airdrop is the free distribution of ICO tokens to the community members of the platforms hosting the ICO. This needs to be done well and with care to ensure that it actually achieves effective results and not just a temporary bubble, and ideally also gains real and engaged followers. CryptoProfile has a complete airdrop process to ensure ICOs get the maximum benefit.

You can learn more about it here too.

CryptoProfile has a transparent process for working with ICOs to ensure optimal value, in a clear and open way for all parties involved. CryptoProfile will also help you working with BountyHunters too, to ensure you get the best possible results from engaging with them.

Partnering with CryptoProfile ensures ICOs can avoid many of the problems other ICOS encounter.  CryptoProfile also brings the following benefits:

  • Over 3 million crypto users
  • Influencers with a network of over 1.5 million people
  • Hundreds and thousands of finance, investment, cryptocurrency and blockchain websites
  • HIghly skilled and experienced blockchain and cryptocurrency writers and journalist
  • Over-the-top internet and media presence.

CryptoProfile Token

  • Platform: ERC20
  • Token Symbol: CP
  • Token Name: Cryptoprofile
  • Total Supply: 753,471,015
  • Soft Cap: 1,162,566
  • Hard Cap: 30,463,808

You can also invest in CryptoProfile’s ICO and help leverage an unrivalled community-centric platform on blockchain.

Learn More About CryptoProfile

CryptoProfile pays an undivided attention to delivering more value to its community members. Precisely, the platform is updated of everything from across the world that is deemed necessary to educate people about developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

CryptoProfile offers the following services:

  • ICO hosting and marketing services
  • Token Information Directory
  • Live Price Updates
  • Chart and Market Analysis
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Cryptocurrencies
  • Newbies Willing to Learn About Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

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