Each week the Crypto Divas look at the week in cryptocurrency, highlight the main news and then try to figure out if it was a good week or a bad week for all things Crypto

March 25

This week on Good Week Bad Week the Crypto Divas talk about Ireland welcoming cryptocurrency. Also France doing a U turn at the G20 Summit with Bruno Le Marie, French Minister for Finance, now welcoming blockchain and cryptocurrency companies too. Other topics covered included China, Crypto Kitties, G20 Summit, Venezuela and Trump, and how the markets are doing (better).

Until next week, Slán

Visit the Crypto Divas website hereThe Crypto Divas are Morgan Pierce and Jillian Godsil who come together to interview CEOs and founders in the ICO/Blockchain space.They both have a LOT of experience in the FinTech, Marketing, PR, Journalism and broadcasting world.

Each week they interview the movers and shakers in the crypto world.

Then they review the week in crypto – good week/ bad week. To propose an interview subject, send over news or ask to come on their programmes, send a note to [email protected]

In the interim, visit their Linkedin profiles and send an invite to connect. M

May the Crypto be with you!

Morgan & Jillian


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