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Your background briefly?

I am Aaron Gibson, a 23 year old Serial Entrepreneur whose 1st TechEd business was sold in 2014 to world leading publishing house. After leaving school at 16 I knew that business in tech was where I wanted to be and so founded my original business of which the sale has helped to fund Hurree so far.

1 min pitch for Hurree?

Hurree is a marketing automation platform for apps which helps brands to reinvent relationships with its users via mobile.

With Hurree, marketers can predict what users want, prompt them with information they are most likely to engage with and dynamically profile them so your system is continuously building knowledge on your users and what they like to engage with. Having the ability to learn about each user, the platform helps to increase engagement by suggesting the preferred content and messaging style for each user group.

Hurree is competitively price to allow every marketer the opportunity to engage their users with feature rich content that they will love including emojis, GIFs & video. We aim to grow our offering further into in-depth analytics that help brands better understand their users’ wants & needs in order to improve engagement and sales via their app.

The crowdcube campaign is going well – do you think you’ll hit the target?

We are currently on 71% with 13 days left. According to the statistics given by Crowdcube we are in a very healthy position and there should not be a problem with us hitting target and going into overfunding.

Why did you chose this route to raising funding?

Crowdfunding is made up of 3 different aspects – Hurree’s Crowd, Crowdcube’s Crowd and PR crowd.

Our product launched in August and since then we have gained over 100 customers worldwide with dozens more showing interest on a weekly basis. Crowdfunding was a great way not only to gain funds but to get our name out there and gain more customers.

How have last 12 months been?

The last 12 months have been exciting. This time last year it was just myself and the developers as team Hurree. Since then we have brought on the marketing guys and continue to develop and test our product. After riding the start up wave we have found our market fit and this is why we are so excited for crowdfunding to help us push the platform out to more potential users.

Anything you would have done differently?

No. My ethos in life is that it has taken us to make the mistakes and learn from them in order to get where we are today.

What are your plans if / when you hit the target?

When we hit our target we will start the process of bringing on board more development, customer support and partnership experts to the Hurree team. Having found the product fit it is now the time for Hurree to grow and we need more of the right people to make that happen.

Once this is automated, looking 5 years into the future, what more would you like to see automated?

With technology moving so fast, it is hard to say what will be possible in five years however 2 years is more realistic. I would love to see predictive analytics becoming not only more automated but more accessible. At the moment within Hurree we go a long way to helping users predict who will be most responsive in each marketing campaign so you aren’t wasting time marketing to people that will not care however I feel there is a lot more to be explored here. It will be great to see the in depth predictive analytics becoming more and more accessible to the everyday users rather than just the data scientists out there.

The more we automate, what do you hope people with do with this potential new free time?

People often have this misconception that automation will leave marketers twiddling there thumbs and effectively replacing them. This is incorrect. Intelligent automation frees up the marketer from doing mundane admin style tasks and actually frees them up to do what they are paid – understand your market. As a marketer you will be able to dig deeper and really get to know your users, how they interact and want to engage with your brand not only on a group basis but completely individualised. Marketers will be able to completely make the user feel like the relationship is on a one to one basis and have spent no more time working on it than they do now.

Who do you read / follow for inspiration?

There are numerous people I follow for different aspects of business inspiration. Dave McClure from 500 startups because he has that “dog with a bone” attitude and drive to get things done which I see similar in myself. I also enjoy the Greylock Blitzscaling series on Youtube. Having the businesses that have been there and done that in that environment has actively inspired both myself and my team when forming our product and marketing strategy going forward.

What tips would you give to others starting out / thinking of starting a business?

Figure out what you don’t know. For me this was the biggest thing. When you understand what your weaknesses are then build out your team in experts in these areas. This means that you will not only have confidence in your team but you will be learning everyday as well.

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