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Yesterday a video popped up in my YouTube subscriptions from Amy Schmittaur which is titled “Why Over-Promotion Is Totally Sexy On Social Media.” The video covered one of the most difficult questions that content creators and brands face when it comes to social media, how much is too much? How can I share content and get it out there without spamming people and driving them away.

This is a topic I have touched on before where I have discussed using an aggressive social media sharing policy. However it is something that people still get nervous over and still wonder how often they should be sharing on their social media channels. I have been reading a few articles this morning about how sharing too much can drive followers away and make you look like a spammy brand. However, if you do it right then you won’t need to worry about driving those followers away that you have been working so hard for.

Different platforms, different frequency.

Firstly, you need to adopt a social media strategy which caters a sharing schedule to different platforms. Did you know that the shelf life of a tweet is minutes, thats right, not even a few hours. Twitter moves so fast compared to other platforms that your tweet only has the shelf life of a few measly minutes. However when you go to LinkedIn or Facebook, the shelf life of sharing content there is much longer.

Posting content to Facebook for example can still be returning good results several hours or even a day later down the line. This is down to how Facebook chooses to surface content using their algorithms. While it makes sense to adopt an aggressive social sharing strategy for a platform like Twitter, you don’t apply that to all other social platforms because they work differently. Sharing the same content multiple times in the day on Facebook will make you come across as a brand which is spamming users and people will turn away.

Reaching out to different timezones.

Now this is dependant on what kind of business you are in. If you are a local business specifically tailored for local people then this is not something you need to consider. However, if you business is global then you need to be reaching out to people at the right time of the day. While we are busy tweeting away during our normal business hours we tend to forget that there is a large part of the world sound asleep.

So while we reach out to users who are in the same timezone or a timezone near to us, we are still missing out on a large number of people who are tucked up into bed. This is where social media automation comes into play. Lets first get the myth out of our heads that social media is a bad thing, that it stops you from being a unique brand. Unless you are using social media automation tools for every single post you send, this is rubbish.

Some people think that I am sat on Twitter every time a link to one of my articles gets tweeted…I’m not. Using tools such as Buffer or Tweetdeck can help you schedule posts and updates so that they reach parts of the world when you need to be in bed! I send tweets out there at 1am, 2am and 3am Irish time, however I can promise you I am not sitting at the computer doing it. I have set up those tweets in Buffer so that they get sent out and reach an audience that is awake when we are asleep.

If your content is global then you need to make sure it reaches as much of an audience as possible.

You work hard on your brand/business/content…share it!

You work hard on your business so make sure you promote it! Here is how I do it. When a piece of content goes up on my website I share it that morning typically at some point just before the hour as research has shown people tend to be typically checking their phones at this time before a meeting maybe or before their next class if they are a student. Sharing at times when their are more eyes than usual on devices means you can target reaching a broader audience.

Once that post is shared it gets thrown into Buffer and re-scheduled for later on that night/early morning. This is to target a wider audience again while I am sound asleep in bed. Despite what people may think, this does work. Every morning I wake up and check my Twitter to find a couple of new followers who are typically based in the States.

That same post gets shared later on in the week again when I throw it into my Buffer queue. If it is what I class as ‘evergreen content’ I throw it onto a spreadsheet and it will be continually re-shared and appear to the surface every fews weeks. So if you missed it the first time then there is always the chance to catch it again in the future.

Evergreen content is content that does not lose its re-share value and stays relevant. Just recently my Buffer queue spat out my Twitter 101 article which is part of my Evergreen content and people were telling me how it was helpful and retweeting it. This is a piece I actually wrote on July 7th and the only reason people keep seeing it is because I keep pushing it.

So how often should I be sharing my content/promoting my business then?

Social media is more than about promoting yourself and what you are doing. You need to realise that it is about connecting with others and networking with wonderful businesses and people. As our own tweetinggoddess Samantha Kelly has mentioned many times before, “People buy from people.”

So you will never see any return from promoting non stop and failing to engage with others. You need to experiment with it and find a schedule that suits you. Make sure you connect with others and that you work on building those connections but also make sure you work on getting your hard work out there and getting it seen without spamming everyone who follows you. For example, people who are writing content or creating videos may use a more aggressive social sharing strategy to those who may be trying to sell a product. It depends on what you are trying to grow and make others aware of.

For some people, the amount of times they share content will be more aggressive than others. It depends on the business model, for the content creators like myself out there…make sure you push your hard work and keep pushing it. Reach out to the audience you may not have considered reaching out to before.

I would encourage everyone to also watch Amy’s video about how over-promotion is sexy!

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