Consumer finance services provider Creamfinance has officially announced the launch of office in Denmark and in addition to the expected launch, the company is currently preparing for further expansion in South America.  and hope to enter further European markets. Cream finance offer personal loans by using Smart Data to determine the credit worthiness of applicants and are already in five European markets Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Georgia.

“We are very excited to expand our reach and get an opportunity to have a bigger impact. The Nordic region with the start in Denmark was a natural next step for us after watching the growth of the consumer loans need within Scandinavia over the past year”, explained Matiss Ansviesulis, Co-founder and the CEO of Creamfinance. “Demand for speedy, convenient and accessible short-term loans is growing, and we are aiming to grasp the natural demand”, he commented.

According to Morten King-Grubert, Managing Director of Creamfinance Denmark entity, the innovative Creamfinance product is a great fit for the Danish market. “I believe the consumer loan products of Creamfinance and the internationally recognized software platform is a great fit for our market. We are excited to launch in a region with a strong focus on Fintech companies and are ready to provide the value for our forthcoming consumers”.

The new Creamfinance office will be located in Danish capital Copenhagen.

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