Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have been in vogue. Many dynamic entrepreneurs tried to take advantage of the trending developments, but only a few have managed to create really well-built solutions. Covesting is one of them: it offers a wide range of excellent opportunities for both novice traders and experienced cryptocurrency investors while ensuring strong protection for their assets.

Covesting is a cryptocurrency trading platform that features a comprehensive infrastructure: an exchange, a liquidity aggregator, and informational and educational site Crypto Intelligence Portal.

Dmitrij Pruglo, Covesting CEO, reveals secrets of success in the fintech industry.

Dmitrij, what is the story behind Covesting?

I am an experienced trader, I dealt with various asset classes, such as FX, options, futures, structured products and other assets for more than 12 years. I have an investment banking background, I used to be part of one of the best players on the market – Saxo Bank. I am really fond of new technologies, and when cryptocurrencies broke into our lives, I realised that it was the right moment to launch my own project. In addition, my experience at Saxo Bank has taught me to stick to the highest professional standards.

Tell us about the latest developments related to your project.

Our community says that we stand out among other crypto projects because we never miss deadlines and focus on best industry practices. We held beta testing of our platform in April, with 200 professional traders testing the platform and providing feedback. This was a great step towards building the most user-friendly crypto trading platform in the industry. We have just made the beta version of our platform available to the public: it is essential that investors could see what we have achieved so far, while users could get ready for trading and provide their feedback. We are just a couple of months away from the official launch.

Why do you think users will choose your platform?

First, we offer amazing user experience. Our platform has a very clear and logical interface. In addition, we are one of the few crypto projects that has a really efficient support team. Our support specialists are available 24/7, they speak several languages, and they are really well-trained: we launched the support service at the beta testing stage. In addition, we offer such unique trading features as copy-trading, algorithmic trading, trading derivatives, they will soon be available to our customers.

Another interesting feature – Covesting is incorporated in Gibraltar. Why Gibraltar?

One of the most acute issues with cryptocurrency trading is security, and it took us quite a long time to decide where to register our company, so that we could ensure the maximum protection for our client assets. Security is one the biggest advantages in this industry, we clearly realise this.

Gibraltar offers one of the friendliest approaches to blockchain companies. It was one of the first jurisdictions to offer a solid and strict legal framework for cryptocurrency related businesses. Gibraltar’s DLT license holder must protect client assets effectively, comply with stringent risk management, corporate governance standards, have proper IT controls in place and be able to prevent financial crime.

We have recently travelled to Gibraltar as part of the final stage of the process to obtain the DLT license, and we are pleased to announce that feedback was positive.

So you claim you are well-protected against hacks…

Covesting takes serious security measures to ensure that assets of all our customers are stored as safely as possible. That’s why we have developed Cyber-security framework and policies. The purpose of the Covesting’s Cyber-security framework is to ensure that there are strict measures and practices in place to protect customer assets against any eventualities and threats. The majority of customer digital assets (e.g., Bitcoin) are held in our offline wallet system (cold storage). All customer fiat funds are held separately from company operating accounts.

We are taking all possible measures to prevent any potential hacks: we have established cooperation with independent security audit companies and white hat hackers, they are helping us build a very strong security system.

Also, when it comes to security, our clients have to be ready to undergo all KYC verification processes. This is a mandatory requirement if we want to create a fully legitimate trading platform.

Sounds impressive. To finish up, give us some tips on how to become a successful cryptocurrency trader.

Be perseverant and attentive, follow market trends, read the news, and try to learn from experienced traders. You can find tutorials and trade ideas on our Crypto Intelligence Portal.

It is very important to have a well-designed trading strategy and clear goals before you enter the market. Be patient, do not expect to become a billionaire in 5 minutes, and, of course, do not lose your grit even if you fail.

By the way, our copy-trading function is an excellent tool to learn from more experienced traders. In addition, you can increase your income by participating in our referral programme: the more users you invite to join the platform, the bigger profit you will get – it is possible to earn up to 40% of trading fees paid by your referrals.

Thank you, Dmitrij, for your interesting story. You can pre-register and test Covesting’s cutting-edge platform at

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