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How long have you been going?

We set up Cork Media Freelancers in February 2012.  We kept it simple, a Facebook group: Cork Media Freelancers  and a twitter account: @Cork_Media.

Why did you set it up?

One of us needed crew for a shoot and realised there was no place for local freelancers to give such a shout out, promote a project, share relevant news or just connect with other freelancers. Cork has a lot of people working in both sectors who live here but may work on productions all over Ireland. We want to promote these freelancers and their work. People often contact us if they are looking for: crew members, locations or they want to promote their work. We also highlight what is in the news about projects in Cork.

What area do you cover, County Cork, or just Cork City?

While there is very much a Cork focus in the group, we believe that it is important to celebrate projects across Ireland. Our industry in this country is small and we need a supportive, collaborative and positive nationwide community to help it grow. All Freelancers travel for work at various points and end up working with people up and down the country – and beyond. Building good relationships helps us all.

No website, just Facebook and twitter, how does that work?

The information we post comes directly from those working in the industry and these social media platforms provide a much quicker and effective way of sharing that information than a webpage. People can see exactly who we’ve received the information from and then interact directly with them. One of our main aims is to connect people, a website wouldn’t facilitate this as well as social media can.


Founding administrator Aisling Browne

We have three administrators who keep both facebook and twitter updated. Our founding administrator Aisling Browne is from Cork but lives in London and our other two administrators (Cliona Nolan and Louise Hynes) are mostly Cork based. We all work full time and administer these sites in our spare time. The great thing about twitter and facebook for a group like ours is we can log in from anywhere, anytime and share information. We are all passionate about creating a strong and positive community here in Cork.

cliona nolan

Administrator Cliona Nolan
Louise Hynes

 Administrator Louise Hynes

How is the Cork scene? What’s going well in it?

Cork has a thriving TV and Film scene, and it’s growing from strength to strength. There are an increasing number of people working in production and post production in the city and county. RTE employ a lot of TV freelancers and there are number of independent production/post production companies in Cork, many of whom shoot both TV and Film all over the country.

There is a green screen and lighting studio, Audio and Picture post production studios, The music video scene is thriving and the quality produced here is second to none, there are collectives who work together to make feature films, short films, web series, and established production companies who produce shows for TG4, RTE and TV3.

Most recently, the Award-winning team of Cork writer and actor Tadgh Hickey and Cork based Director Shaun O’ Connor were commissioned to create a short comedy feature for The Irish Film Board and RTÉ funded Storyland project called ‘Ronanism’ which has proved very popular:

How is technology helping you to compete with other areas of Ireland and further afield?

I suppose the power of social media is showing Ireland that Cork has a TV and Film industry. It helps us showcase the talent and get it out there to a much bigger audience. Some people think to work in TV or Film that you have to live in Dublin which is not the case. Technology helps us by showing people that there is a lot going on in Cork and that a lot of talented people can live in Cork and still have a career in both industries.

How was 2014? Wins? Anything you would have done differently?

An ever increasing number of followers and posters lets us know that people are beginning to think of us as a go-to place to help spread the word for their projects, that’s a big win!

What are you goals for 2015?

We’d like for people to continue to think of CMF as a place to promote their work, to help connect them with those who can contribute to their projects, and hopefully, a couple of more CMF nights out….

What would you like to add?

The success of CMF relies completely on the community engaging with us. The more information people feed us about their projects, ideas, concerns etc., the more we can share. Likewise, with our CMF drinks nights we’ve had admittedly mixed success. We don’t receive any funding and make arrangements on our own time. We can’t put on a spread but love to see some friendly freelance faces for a post work drink!

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