Connectors Marketplace, a fast growing Irish big data analytics company, has announced the launch of its automated social media lead generation solution.

The solution allows sales, marketing and demand generation professionals to identify, connect and engage quicker with the most relevant prospects based on social network activity.

Connectors Marketplace, which has a staff of 15, is headquartered at NovaUCD, the Centre for New Ventures and Entrepreneurs at University College Dublin, and has an office in New York.

The Connectors Marketplace technology processes large volumes of social media activity to source prospects and influencers. The ability to generate large volumes of leads is a critical dimension of any sales and marketing strategy regardless of the company size or industry. As the B2B buyer’s journey has changed, the challenge for any business is to quickly identify and interact with prospects based on social conversations.

“We have built this actionable lead generation tool on the back of advanced data analytics research conducted in conjunction with a team of big data scientists at University College Dublin. We have captured and analysed extensive business feedback on how companies want to access social profiles. We also understand how prospects engage across multiple social networks,” said Kevin Neary, Connectors Marketplace, CEO and founder.

He added, “The sales and marketing community requires a tool with the power to filter all social media clutter, tweets, posts, news, conversations and social media profiles to find new business opportunities.”

Capturing sales leads and insights across multiple networks provides businesses with a fundamental understanding of how to beat the competition. Connectors Marketplace works with sales teams, digital marketing teams and demand generation professionals, providing a solution that automates lead generation from the various social network channels.

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