By @SimonCocking. Great interview with Tanveer Naseer, who is speaking at Totem  Award-winning leadership writer | Inc 100 Leadership Speaker | leadership coach | CEO | Proud dad & husband | author Leadership Vertigo. Speaking at Totem Summit,  the world’s most adventurous . , , and discuss and the next economy. Join us Mar 26-28th.

Totem Summit, high adventure at Whistler tech conference, March 26 – 28

  • Award-winning leadership writer, keynote speaker and leadership coach.
  • CEO, BnextR Technologies (
  • Author “Leadership Vertigo”
  • Lives in Montreal, Canada with his wife and their three amazing girls
  • Website:

 What is your background?

One of the things people are most surprised to learn about me is my background.  Unlike other leadership experts, my background is based in the medical sciences field as I have a Masters of Science degree in Pathology from McGill University.  In the early part of my career, my work revolved around patient care and treatment.  When I left the public sector to join the biotech private sector, I moved into the management sphere which ultimately lead me to where I am today.

Is it a logical progression to what you do now?

Well, it wasn’t an intentional progression in that I hadn’t charted a career trajectory towards becoming a leadership thinker and writer.  But one thing I do point out when I get asked about my background is how there is this underlying thread connecting the various roles I’ve taken on, and that thread is a drive to help people be better.

At the start of my career, my focus was on helping people to improve their health and well-being.  Now that focus has shifted to helping people be better in how they lead others; of understanding how do we empower people to succeed because they care about our collective vision as much as we do.  So, in that light, there’s a definite evolution in my personal mission statement of helping others, a definite progression.  I’m not sure Spock would say it’s a logical one, but McCoy would definitely say it’s a human one.

What are you working on now? What are your plans for 2017?

Right now, I’m working on writing my next book and looking for a publisher that would be a good fit for it.  I’m very excited about this next one because it addresses the next disruptive force organizations are going to have to come to terms with, much in the way organizations had to deal with adapting 5-7 years ago to social media and how that upended the way we communicate both with our customers as well as internally.

In this case, though, it’s not technology, but demographics that is fuelling this latest disruption in the way we operate.  And while most people are focusing on this issue from a HR perspective, I’m looking at it from a leadership perspective by examining how do we navigate this new reality – this next inevitable big change – while still honouring our responsibility to inspire the best in those we lead to bring their best efforts to the table, and not simply do what’s expected of them.

 What will you be talking about at Totem?

I’ll be talking about how do we move beyond the lure of following our passion, to connecting with our true purpose in order to achieve meaningful success.  There’s a lot of advice out there about finding your passion and doing just that as a way to find happiness and fulfillment.

And yet, many studies and those examples of successful people we all admire demonstrate that it’s not about what you’re passionate about that drives our success.

Rather, what we need to identify is what is our true purpose – what is that thing that we genuinely care about.  That thing that ultimately will define what we make of our lives.  When we figure out what that is and commit to achieving that, that’s when we’ll feel that sense of passion we see in all these successful people, and what has us saying ‘I want to feel that kind of passion about the work I do’.

So I’m going to be sharing some stories – including stories from my childhood – along with some studies through which the audience is going to learn about some actionable steps they can take right now to discover their true purpose and through that, experience genuine passion about what they do.

Who are your inspirations?

Well, for starters, there are, of course, those leaders who have become iconic role models of what successful leadership looks like.  Nelson Mandela definitely comes to mind as I often share various stories of the things he did because for me, those actions are quite revealing about why he was so successful at inspiring the best in others.

And then there’s my three daughters – Alya, Malaika, and Zafina.  Now typically, we tend to think that fathers and mothers should be the ones serving as inspiration for their kids.  And I do hope that I am being that kind of role model for my girls.  But there are times when I see them struggling with some problem at school – whether it’s how to deal with a teacher that they don’t like or can’t figure out, or maybe it’s a problem with how to effectively collaborate with their classmates on a school project – and I get inspired by how they respond to those situations.

I think in many cases, it’s because they approach these situations with such simplicity – they haven’t been mired down yet with those biases and assumptions that adults have about how we see the world.  And so, they still have the ability to come up with elegant, simple solutions that cut through the bull and basically focus on the issue and not on making it about the person.

I know those who’ve been reading my leadership blog over the past couple of years will recognize how I sometimes share a story about how one of my daughters dealt with a situation and then extrapolating from their example key lessons we can learn about how to better serve those we have the responsibility to lead.

In the end, I try to keep myself open to being inspired from anyone because you never know when those moments of clarity will occur.

How can people find out more about what you are working on?

The best way to find out more about my work is to visit my award-winning leadership blog at  I’ve been writing online for almost a decade now and it’s become my standard to publish a new piece every Tuesday, so that’s the best place to find out more about what I’m working on.

Of course, if you’re active on Twitter, I invite you to follow me on Twitter as well – that’s my main social media outlet.  I can be found on a few other sites, though I’m mostly active on Twitter.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Just that if you’re going to the Totem Summit in March please be sure to come by and say ‘Hi’.  I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.  I’m especially eager to create more connections with people and organizations in Europe as I’d love to branch out in getting speaking engagements in Europe to share my ideas on leadership and how we can inspire the best in those we lead.

Please feel free to reach out and connect so we can share ideas and exchange stories.

Tanveer Naseer bio:

Tanveer Naseer is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed leadership writer, keynote speaker, and founder of Tanveer Naseer Leadership, a leadership coaching firm.  Tanveer has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work in the leadership sphere, including being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the “Top 100 Leadership and Management Experts” as well as one of their “100 Great Leadership Speakers”.

Tanveer is also the CEO of BnextR Technologies, a start-up technology company behind the professional development program, MasteryPractice, a science-based online program designed to help people develop new habits and behaviours that are critical to career success and growth.

His first book, “Leadership Vertigo” is available in bookstores and online book retailers.  You can read more of his writings on leadership on his award-winning blog at  You can also follow him on Twitter – @TanveerNaseer.

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