Connecting to a WiFi network on your device is a relatively straight forward procedure.


Go to:

Settings> Wireless & Networks> WiFi Settings

If WiFi isn’t already turned on tick the box to turn it on.

Your Device will start scanning for available networks and a list of them will be shown further down the page.

Select the network you want to connect to from the list.

If the Network is Password protected it will show a little lock symbol on the signal strength bars beside the network, on the list.

If this is the case you will need the security key for that network before you proceed.

Once you have the key or if there is no protection on the Network, tap the network from the list and in the pop up select Connect.

If a security key is required, now will be the time you enter it.

If everything is correct your device will now connect to the network and you’re ready to start browsing.






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