By Oscar Michel, Masters in Journalism, DCU

Conichi was the overall winner of the Phocuswright Europe 2017 taking place on May 16th-18th, 2017 in Amsterdam.

Website here.

The Phocuswright 2017 EMEA Travel Innovator  of the year Award and the People’s Choice award 2017 was attributed to Conichi.

“It was absolutely stunning, winning both the people and the Innovator award was absolutely crazy. Big achievement for our team, the past few years, we have been working on creating the best travel product and it has been very rewarding” said Maximilian Waldmann CEO of Conichi.

Conichi deals with the check in and check out of hotels to make it fast and easy by using one’s smartphone. The Conichi app provides an express check-in, a keyless acces to the room and a easy mobile Check-out. Conichi allows hotels to cleverly upsell and directly communicate with guests through push-notifications. Prior to arrival, shared guest preferences and profiles enhance personal interaction. Conichi has been developed to work with virtually any hotel’s property management system, enabling simple implementation for both independent hotel properties and chains.

During Phocuswright, the brightest people in Travel tech come together. Simplicity to meet potential co-workers is key. “Fast and casual exchanges” said Waldmann.

Sharewood also won the Phocuswright EMEA Peopl’s Coice award. This company is the leading market to rent sport equipments online. 40’000 products are available in 5 different countries: Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Finland and the UK. Their goal is to reach next year 300’000 products available in 50 countries.

“It was a great battle, the other competitors were high level of startups and innovators, the questions that judges asked me were really good because they gave me the opportunity to explain better the company” said Piercarlo Mansueto, CEO and Founder of Sharewood.

“We were delighted to feature a diverse set of innovators from around the continent who are applying cutting-edge technologies and bringing new ways of thinking to tackle challenges across hospitality, tours, transportation and media. We look forward to seeing how they evolve and have a real impact on how we travel”said Phocuswright’s manager, research and innovation, Michael Coletta.

Winners will get the opportunity to go the Phocuswright event in November in the US.

Phocuswright has completed the playlist on Youtube linking to 37 videos of the event.

  1.  Conichi, Phocuswright EMEA Travel Innovator of the Year and People’s Choice Awards 2017 (long version)
  2. Sharewood, Joint Winner of Phocuswright EMEA People’s Choice Award 2017
  3. bookingkit – Runner Up of Phocuswright EMEA Travel Innovator Award 2017
  4. Nishank Gopalkrishnan, CEO, Triposo
  5. Alastair McKenzie, interviews Neil Waller, Co-founder whalar
  6. Alastair McKenzie, interviews Sharewood, Phocuswright EMEA People’s Choice Award
  7. conichi – Winner – Phocuswright EMEA Travel Innovator Award and People’s Choice Awards 2017 (short version)
  8. Udi Sharir, Save A Train
  9. Simon Lehmann interview with Jan Peeters of Travel 360 Benelux
  10. AXON VIBE CEO Roman Oberli
  11. Neil Waller, Co-founder whalar
  12. Igor Kaloshin, iqplanner
  13. Alec Khindria, Europ Assistance
  14. Fabio Angeli Bufalini, B2BOOK.NET
  15. Amit Golan, Loco
  16. Jochem Wijnands, TRVL
  17. Simone Lini, CEO, Waynaut
  18. Iñaki Uriz, Caravelo
  19. David Orensanz, CROSS-TINENTAL
  20. Jon Fauver, TrekkSoft
  21. Kayla Madsen,
  22. Andrei Savin, dcs+
  23. Phocuswright Conference Europe, 16-18 May 2017 – The Netherlands
  24. Phocuswright Europe Amsterdam 16-18 May 2017 – Simon Lehmann
  25. Simon Lehmann, Phocuswright Europa Konferenz 2017, Mai 16-18.
  26. Simon Lehmann, Präsident, Phocuswright – Phocuswright Europa 2017 – Mai 16-18
  27. Battleground Awards – Phocuswright Europe 2017
  28. Battleground Welcome – Phocuswright Europe 2017
  29. Keynote: – Phocuswright Europe 2017
  30. Executive Interview: Airbnb – Phocuswright Europe 2017
  31. Executive Interview: Trivago – Phocuswright Europe 2017
  32. Executive Interview: Paul English of Lola – Phocuswright Europe 2017
  33. Executive Interview: Hotelbeds – Phocuswright Europe 2017
  34. Phocuswright Innovation Battle Ground – Phocuswright Europe 2017
  35. New. Power. Distribution. Simon Lehmann, President, Phocuswright
  36. Executive Roundtable: The Legislation Debate – Phocuswright Europe 2017
  37. Phocuswright Innovation Battle Ground – Phocuswright Europe 2017

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