Comreg has begun testing a new text based emergency contact service for 112 numbers. In Ireland we can call 999 or 112 for the emergency services but for deaf people this has been an issue. Comreg are now trialing the new 112 sms service.



The Pilot 112 SMS will run for a period of 6 months until the end of June 2012, whereupon it will be reviewed in full. Following this review, a decision will be made whether to extend the Pilot period beyond June 2012, or make the service available on a full-time basis, amend it or withdraw it.


They still recommend using the voice service if you can but if you’d like to test it out you can register your number here:

Further information on the trial is available here:

Remember that this is an Emergency Service and should only be used in an emergency situation such as when:

  • Life is at risk
  • Crime/trouble is happening now
  • Someone is injured or threatened
  • Person committing crime is near
  • There is a fire or people trapped
  • You need an ambulance urgently
  • Someone is in trouble, or missing, at sea,
  • Someone is in trouble on the cliffs or on the shoreline

The Pilot 112 SMS service is not available from your landline.

Only emobile, Meteor, Three, O2 and Vodafone are participating in the Pilot at this time. The remaining mobile phone communication companies are hoping to join the Pilot shortly.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and need help with registration, please contact your support organisation.

* An SMS text message is a non real-time service and therefore there is no guarantee that your SMS will be delivered.

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