Comreg have released their second quarter results on the mobile market and there seems to be some signs of movement. Porting (moving your mobile number to another network) saw the largest numbers ever moving in the second quarter to June 2011 this year since number porting was first introduced in June 2003, with 123,646 numbers changing networks.










We’ve also seen some movement in the subscription share amongst the networks (including HSDPA services) with 3 growing by 1.2% in the last year and O2 down 1.9%.







And finally looking at Market share by revenue we see that Eircom group (Meteor/emobile) are down 0.8% since Q2 2009, O2 are down 3.2% in the same period, Vodafone are up 1.6% and 3 are up 2.3%.








The full Q2 report can be found here. We’ll have to wait for the networks themselves to release their results towards the end of this year but it seems there’s some volatility in the Irish market at present, not seen before. Some networks are going with the idea of reducing data allowances and increasing costs while others are trying to increase their market share with huge data offerings. These two differing views have good and bad points. Do the networks with huge data allowances have the infrastructure to support lots of new customers, will network stability and customer care trump value? It seems from these results here that people are beginning to seek better value. Looking at the numbers porting up to Q2 June 2011 we can see that people are not happy with their existing networks for what ever reason and although it’s hard to get a good view of things now it does seem that 3 is picking up those that are porting. With the iPhone 4s launching in weeks we should see more volatility as people seek the best bargains in both device cost and plans (pre and post pay) and the end of year results for all the networks should make for some interesting reading in the board rooms of these companies. Have you ported recently and if so from what network? Are you happy with your current network? Does customer care trump cost? Let us know in the comments section below or on twitter @Irish_technews





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