Company Law is about to undergo numerous changes in 2018 with a new Companies Act to be enacted in the Spring, the third substantial change to the Companies Act 2014.

New beneficial ownership regulations are expected next month and lots of new compliance for the Spring!

If you’re a company director or company secretary, you’ll need to be up-to-date with the changes to ensure maximum benefit for your business and/or your clients.

Join a special briefing (hosted around the country on different days)  to prepare yourself for 2018. Our seminar will look at least 10 Companies Acts Court Applications and provide you with the “know how” to navigate these changes.

The 10 Court Applications are:

  1. The Section 212 Shareholder Dispute Remedy
  • Formerly Section 205 of the Companies Act 1963
  • The Practicalities
  • The Procedural Requirements
  • Format and Content of the Application
  • The Proofs, The Rules
  • Latest Case Law
  • Costs of the Application
  1. The District Court Application to waive CRO late filing fees
  • Key prediction, this will be a hugely “asked for” application in 2018
  • More company directors will be prosecuted in 2018 for non-compliance
  1. Restoring a Company to the Register, The Creditor & Company Application
  • Thousands of Companies Have Already Been Struck off the Register
  • Particularly Relevant in Debt Collection Cases
  • Property Management Company Cases, The Need to Restore
  • An A-Z on How to Perfect This Application
  1. Discovering the Beneficial Owners of Companies
  • New Regulations from Brussels
  • Invoking Your Statutory Remedies
  1. The Section 797 Application, Making Companies Compliant
  • Applicable to over 500,000 Company Directors and over 200,000 companies
  • Drafting the 14 Day Warning Notice
  • The Rules of the Superior Courts
  • Relevant Case Law
  • The Section 797 Application
  1. Defending a Section 819 Restriction Application
  • Formerly the Section 150 Application
  • Relevant Case Law, The Role of the ODCE
  1. Defending a Section 842 Disqualification Application
  • Formerly the Section 160 Application
  • Total Prohibition on Acting as a Director or Manager of any Company Whatsoever
  1. The Winding up Petition
  • The 21 Day Warning Letter
  • The Statutory Definition of Insolvency
  • Practice and Procedure in the High Court


  1. Property and Apartment Management Company Disputes
  • The Circuit Court Application
  • Utilising Remedies in the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011
  • Transferring the Common Areas to the Management Company
  • The New Mediation Act 2017
  • The Section 14 Obligation for Solicitors & The Section 15 Obligation for Barristers, Fees and Costs 
  1. Great Debt Collection Remedies in Company Law
  • Discover highly effective debt collection remedies in company law and the rules of the Superior Courts to maximum advantage

Prepare for 2018 and attend our Company Law seminar. For more details, please click here for our brochure.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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