KICKICO a blockchain platform for fundraising in cryptocurrencies, have launched Community Choice, a function which will give the crypto community the ability to vet, rate, and filer the ICO space and determine which ICOs are worth launching.

Community Choice will not only enable the community to evaluate and vote on ICOs, therefore giving a voice to backers, but it will also be making KICKICO more than just a launch pad, by creating an invaluable standard for weeding out dodgy ICOs.

KICKICO has been working on a trial version of the Community Choice function and the new rating system.

For a user to vote on an ICO, they need to like their account with an email address and verify the account wallet by paying a 100 KICK charge. This verification ensures the security and authenticity of the user and protects the service against fake accounts and votes.

If a project wishes to get onto the platform and face the Community Choice vote, they need to pay 2000 KICK, which is also aimed at filtering out scam projects and dubious ICOs, said KICKICO.

“Community Choice has duel benefits for both ICOs and projects, as well as for investors, backers, and the entire ICO ecosystem,” says Anti Danilevski,  KICKICO’s CEO.

“The fact that KICKICO is allowing the community’s voice to be heard gives real power to launching these new ICOs, and removes worries about scam ICOs. KICKICO hopes that users and ICOs will join this platform in order to support an exciting and strong ICO culture. And if you believe that your own project is good, let the community judge and help you launch. Get rated, get views, and see how the community reacts to your product.”



Written and edited and prepared by Amy Murphy, Journalism student from DCU.

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