Collaboration – how network builds business

Today’s fast-paced advancements in technology are creating immense opportunities for businesses, while also accelerating the threat of being left behind. Collaboration has become a widely-accepted approach to business development and there has been a huge rise in companies harnessing opportunities by tapping outside potential.

This approach offers big benefits to start-ups – providing them with access to clients, capital and other resources.

Against this backdrop, FutureScope was established – now in its fifth year, it is Ireland’s only tech event dedicated to facilitating collaboration opportunities between start-ups, multinational companies, Irish enterprise, the research community, investors and state agencies.

If you’re interested in collaboration, here are some segments to catch at FutureScope:

– European Space Agency will highlight the opportunities for Irish tech start-ups in the space sector

– Tech multinationals, Vodafone and Esri, will speak about multi-actor projects for smart cities initiatives that they are powering

– HCL Technologies and Microsoft will be joined by start-up RecommenderX to explore how collaborative partnerships enable growth

– Dublin City Council explores the opportunity of creating world-class talent hub in Dublin

– Tech giants Facebook and Google are on board to discuss how their tools and programmes can be shared with start-ups

– Enterprise Ireland examines how the ecosystem connects and how your company can engage in successful collaboration

– Start-up success stories, such as NewsWhip, Buymie, Soapbox Lab and Davra Networks will share their perspectives on what can be gained by taking a collaborative approach to scaling

If you’re interested in building your network and exploring collaboration opportunities with entrepreneurs and technology leaders, then FutureScope is not to be missed.

Get your tickets here.

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