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The stories of how companies are created are often as talked about as the companies themselves. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his cramped college dorm room, while both Amazon and Apple came from humble beginnings in their founders’ garages. The latest slew of successful companies all share a similar narrative in their start-up story. Instagram, Indiegogo and Timehop all gained their growth while in coworking spaces.

As Ireland’s start-up community continues to thrive, and freelancing is said to be the next ‘job for life’, coworking spaces have never been as sought after. Now big business is eyeing up shared spaces for its employees, it seems as though flexible workplaces are the future.

A creative climate

Coworking spaces are melting pots of creativity. They are home to some of the most interesting people and projects; from risk-taking freelancers to visionary founders, there is no better place to feel inspired. Research shows that people in coworking spaces are more effective due to the high energy and productive mindset that is generated by a collaborative environment.
“The modern workplace is no longer about how many hours you sit at your desk, or how late you stay in the office, we measure productivity and output. It’s all about what you have to show for your work, the more creative the better.” Says Clare Kelly, Director of Glandore, a leading coworking space in Dublin & Belfast.
When in a coworking space members are part of a community that offers support, which often leads to a boost in self-confidence. This helps to not only come-up with killer ideas but to also have the courage to share them.

From me to we

Although you may be working alone, you are surrounded by a supportive environment. Coworking gives a sense of community, particularly at crucial times, like embarking on a new venture or gearing up for a first round of funding. Due to the open nature of a coworking space it encourages conversation in a casual environment that helps build lasting relationships both personally and professionally.
“It can be a daunting experience working on your own for the first time, or starting a new project, the sense of community and collaboration within coworking spaces is invaluable.” says Clare Kelly, Director of Glandore. “We especially find the social aspect of our in-house events particularly beneficial to entrepreneurs and independent workers.”
Coworking has seen a growth in the professional development of members due to their ability to share ideas and to pool talents together. They are also given the opportunity to attend events and discussions to gain expertise in their area.

Coworking goes corporate

Corporations are switching their suits for sneakers as they see the benefits of coworking. In the US companies like KPMG and GE are moving their employees to coworking spaces, in the UK journalists from The Guardian are now crafting content while coworking, and here in Ireland, Pulp and Briefed are soaring in Glandore’s shared spaces. Employees are thriving from the collaborative environment and it gives them a new space to be creative, so far removed from the corporate climate. It is also a huge benefit to business, staff are quite literally working alongside some of the most promising entrepreneurs and start-ups who will all need help with things like tax, accounting and consulting at some point, and who will be top of the list? The person they shared a desk with, that’s who.

An affordable luxury

Working in a productive environment, with access to top class facilities seems like a luxury but coworking has far less overheads than renting your own office or even all those flat whites that you buy while working at your local coffee shop. You don’t have to concern yourself with monthly bills or setting up infrastructure. It’s all taken care of. You also have the added luxury of flexibility, no lease or rental requirements. In most coworking spaces members also have the opportunity to use conference and meeting rooms. According to Clare, “Coworking takes away all the hassle of setting up and maintaining an office, it allows our members to focus on what really matters – their work.”

What may have started as a workplace trend is here to stay. Coworking is far from a fad, and could be the future of business.

Glandore offers flexible coworking in the business and tech hubs of Dublin & Belfast. For the week of the Dublin Tech Summit, Glandore is offering complimentary workspace to all attendees and delegates. Find out how you can connect, collaborate and cowork for free in the heart of Dublin 2 here.

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