In its inaugural year itself, CogX 2017 made a mark in the Artificial Intelligence domain by hosting a string of events that celebrated it. The event was founded by Charlie Muirhead and Tabitha Goldstaub. Now, as the team gears up for the second edition in 2018, we talk to Luke Campion, Partnerships Manager at CogX to find out more.

When and where is it on?
London, 11-12 June 2018 – Venue TBC imminently

How many years has it been going?
June 2017 was the inaugural event. We ran 40+ smaller events between June 2016 – June 2017 while building our London community.

What was the inspiration to start it?
AI has the power to transform everything. However, it is still very early in its life cycle. When beginning an AI project at their previous company, Rightster, Charlie and Tabitha faced a convoluted path to deployment. Who were the right vendors? Who should they hire? What was best practice? In the end, a lot of money was invested in a project which yielded minimal results. After their exit from Rightster, they were inspired to create a business that brought clarity to the complex and fast-paced world of AI.

What exciting things can people look forward to for the 2018 version?
CogX 2018 will be double the size of our inaugural 2017 conference. It will be a festival of AI – focused on exploring who is deploying AI, how and why they did it and what were their results. We’ll have a huge trade expo which will include a startup village with 30 exhibitors, then larger booths and pavilions as well as dedicated Live Labs – where delegates can get hands on with real AI tech.

We’ll dig deep into the impact of AI on over 18 industries and explore the key technologies powering the AI revolution. We’ll bring to the stage over 200 AI experts and business leaders to share their insights. Our unique session format dedicates 2.5 hrs to each topic – this is composed of a Keynote, Panel and a 60-minute breakout session so that we can really drill down into the insights which can empower real decision making post-event.

To top it all off, we’ll run the 2nd CogX Awards, which celebrate the key contributors to AI from academia to investment and startups to enterprise. The winners will be announced at our epic Gala Dinner.

What opportunities are on offer for those attending?
-They can attend up to three sessions a day with a choice of four tracks.
– Get involved in a the massive trade expo, which will include interactive labs and exhibits run by the hottest startups and most innovative tech giants.
– Book private meeting rooms and enjoy a dedicated matchmaking service to maximise the networking opportunities available over the two days.
– Attend a gala dinner with some of the world leaders in AI.
– Join breakout sessions which, under Chatham house rules, will give you the opportunity to explore AI with some of the world’s thought leaders on the topic

Who will be speaking?
So far we have announced 8 speakers, including Hermann Hauser, the Founder of ARM and Godfather of venture capital in the UK as well as Antoine Blondeau, founder of Sentient Technologies – the highest funded AI start up in the world. All 8 speakers can be seen here: Many more to be announced soon.

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?
Come with clear objectives as to what you aim to learn, how you will use that information and who will best help you to achieve your goals.
You will be rubbing shoulders with the best in industry, so make the most of the pre-event matchmaking service and guided tours to maximise your time efficiency.
Be ready to contribute to your sessions of interest. We encourage open discussion, but clear and direct conversation always delivers the best results.

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?
We are currently offering Super Early Bird tickets (£499 discounted from £1,799) which are only available in October. To make the most of the offer, head to

We expect tickets to sell out 4 weeks before the event. However, the most cost-effective approach is to buy early – as the Early Bird offers will sell out quickly.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?
CogX 2018 will also kick off London Tech Week, which sees the Mayor’s office campaigning to invite global business leaders to London. This is a unique opportunity to network intimately with international business leaders who are normally much more difficult to connect with. We are also just before Founders Forum London, which is an invite-only event for the founder and CEOs of the world’s most successful companies (think Eric Schmidt). We also expect many Founders Forum attendees to join CogX as speakers and delegates.

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