Software development group CodeFirst has launched a new project planning App designed to help remote teams accurately estimate tasks using Agile techniques. PlanITpoker uses a ‘player’ based interface looking to add an element of dynamism and gameplay to the project planning process.

Based in Dublin, CodeFirst originally developed PlanITpoker as an internal tool but has since decided to launch a publicly available version at zero cost to end users.

Graham Church, director said, “As a team of self-confessed software enthusiasts we’re always looking at ways to enhance the productivity of our projects. We didn’t warm to any of the existing planning poker apps on the market so we took matters into our own hands. After realising its universal value we’ve decided to share the cutting edge technology with the rest of the world and help make Agile team communication faster, smarter and more fun than ever.

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The PlanITpoker application can be used on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and regardless of the team size, PlanITpoker remains 100% free of charge.

Church added, “Teamwork is what drives our company and we wanted to offer the Agile community the same benefits that we enjoy from the tool. Introducing a fee would override our vision of universality which is why PlanITpoker is and always will be a completely free application.”

To find out more about PlanITpoker and sign up for a free account visit:

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