The Code Institute is launching Irelands first specialist,  employment-focused coding bootcamp. The Code Institute was founded by the same people behind the Digital Marketing Institute, which is now trading in over 40 countries. The founders are hoping to repeat that success in the booming coding sector.

In June 2014, a major study on the Irish Software Landscape found that the #1 factor limiting the growth of both domestic and MNC’s in Ireland was the “lack of availability of able technical employees”. In fact, they went on to state that up to 55% of software development jobs in Ireland are being filled by inward immigration. This means that of the 44,500 jobs that will be created in the ICT sector over the next six years, less than half of those jobs will be filled by Irish workers.

Published in June 2014, the study also found that the #1 factor limiting the growth of both domestic and international companies in Ireland was the lack of “able technical employees”. With a small pool of applicants to choose from, employers are raising starting salaries to an average €36,500 for a junior developer in an attempt to try and attract candidates.

The skills shortage in software development is worldwide, and has particularly affected Silicon Valley in the United States. The shortage of able coders has led to the rise of coding bootcamps, intense 12 week coding courses that give students the hands on technical experience employers are looking for. They have been a huge success, with recent graduates enjoying a 63% employment rate and an average €20,000 bump in salary for those who did land a job.

We saw a huge broken situation,” explained Michael Girdley, CEO and cofounder of Codeup, on why he started the San Antonio-based programming boot camp. “We had a bunch of friends who ran companies and couldn’t find tech talent.”

Adam Seligman, vice president of developer relations for, feels the demand for tech talent stems from the fact that “Every company is racing to build apps faster. They need developers and platforms that can move as fast as their business,”.

Coding boot camps are bypassing the traditional university model because they allow anyone with any background to get into software development and get a great job,” said Adam Seligman. “Our Salesforce developer community has developers from a broad variety of backgrounds.

Anthony Quigley, founder of the Code Institute

Anthony Quigley, founder of the Code Institute

Anthony Quigley, founder of both the Digital Marketing Institute and the Code Institute says that, “We’re seeing an unprecedented growth in all things digital, but in particular for digital marketing and software development.

Worldwide, and in Ireland in particular, we’re hearing from employers that there just aren’t enough coders out there. This has led to companies caring less about a person’s formal education in software, and more about their real world ability to create it.”

Commencing in January 2015, the Code Institute is launching Irelands first coding bootcamp to address the skills shortage in Ireland.

What we’re hearing from employers is that they need coders, and they need them right now. They don’t need them to have a degree, they just need them to be able to contribute to coding teams.

One of the keys to our success with the Digital Marketing Institute was to bring digital into the classroom, where you can learn from industry professionals. With the Code Institute, students will spend 3 months coding with some of Ireland’s best software developers. It’s learning on steroids.”

Coding Bootcamp

In it’s flagship coding course, Code Institute students will explore all the elements of coding, from frontend to backend. The course is run as a 12 week full time course or a 24 week part time course. Courses will commence on the following dates:

26th January 2015 Dublin Full Time 12 weeks

3rd February 2015 Dubin Part Time 24 weeks

Each course costs €7,900 and more information on the courses can be found at on the Code Institutes website.

To learn more and sign up to an open evening, click here.


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