The official launch of the Server Scrappage Scheme was held last Tuesday the 21st of October at the Tech Trade show in Leopardstown, Dublin. The Tech Trade event is where Ireland’s top Channel-Only technology providers showcase their latest products and solutions. The Server Scrappage Scheme was officially launched by CloudStrong in conjunction with Microsoft Ireland. 

The aim of this launch was to help SMEs in Ireland with the transition from traditional in-house infrastructure, to a Cloud platform that suits there business needs. There will also be a financial reward and rebates for all SMEs that take advantage of the campaign.

The official date for Windows Server 2003 to go End of Life is July 15th 2015. This will directly affect about 27,000 expiring servers in Ireland. The July 15th 2015 EOL means organisations need to plan for what happens after the server support from Microsoft ceases and will no doubt speed up migration to cloud based service over the coming months.

The main aim of the campaign is to build awareness around the lead up to the July 15th EOL date and to encourage businesses to act now rather than leaving it until the last minute, preventing interruption to services or increased cost.

To help businesses move to a hosted environment, CloudStrong and their partner network in Ireland are offering an incentive in the form of a new Server Scrappage Scheme. The ‘Scrappage’ part of the scheme is virtual as CloudStrong do not want to accumulate a warehouse full of obsolete servers! 

On offer is a cash incentive to make the transition to a Cloud service that could be worth up to €6,000. To find out more about the scheme please visit

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