Last week IrishTechNews was invited to Switzerland to attend the annual 2017 Cloud Foundry Europe summit. The conference held in Base, Switzerland l welcomed over 865 attendees from Europe and the Globe to hear about the latest updates from across the cloud foundry community. The two-day schedule was broken up into a number of tracks including: Cloud Foundry in the Enterprise, Core Project Updates, Experiments, Extension Projects, Cloud-Native Microservices and Cloud Foundry at Scale.

Attendees at the Cloud Foundry summit in Switzerland couldn’t contain their excitement with the recent announcement that Kubo a joint open source contribution between Google & Pivotal was being launched as “Container Runtime” . Kubo was based on Google Cloud’s platform Kubernetes but its sitting on BOSH.

Recent announcements of CF local development environment, contributions of a Stratos UI Console from SUSE as well as a growing certification base of 10,000 has seen developers flocking to the open technology platform.

A user survey conducted by Cloud Foundry found a growing demand within small and small to medium-sized companies with 51% of respondent these groups. Cloud Foundry wouldn’t traditionally attract this type of user base because of the large hardware and resource footprint.


Their strategy has been simple and effective. An open source, fully functional technology platform with free training and a growing community of contributors. The open source project now boasts over 180+ full-time committers, paid contributors with 2700+ regular contributors.

The open source projects direction is being driven by a policy of opening up and standardising with the service broker API and cloud foundry incubator’s cf-extensions projects. A great example of this is CredHub a centralised and secures credential generation, storage, lifecycle management, and access project.

Abby Kearn, Executive Director Cloud Foundry said that the foundation is financed by the 70+ member companies, training, certification of the 7 commercial distros who all benefit from the growing ecosystem. The newly launched foundry is a place where you can find these certified distributors, systems integrators and training partners.

The highlights for me were the trends around multi-cloud deployment environments. I also found out about the extensions projects such as CredHub, Service Fabrik Broker from @sap and the Stratos UI Console from SUSE.


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