CleverBooks has launched its first educative book with augmented reality. The 3D characters come to life right on the pages of the book and kids can not only watch and see what these characters do but also interact with them through mobile devices.

There are 5 educative stories in the book: about being courageous, taking medicine when sick, eating vegetables because it’s healthy, not being afraid of the darkness and tooth fairy secrets. There will be interactions with 3D virtual characters inside each story. A pirate and his treasure box, an elephant teddy, the tooth fairy who will be showing tricks and a stomach who helps to understand what is healthy to eat.

“We have noticed that our books are having a great side effect: kids, who are not into reading, read it over and over again!” – says Darya from CleverBooks. – “We expect the new book to be more helpful for parents and even more exciting and interesting for kids.”

The new book will be delivered to everyone who purchases during the pre-launch, in time for Christmas. There are a limited about of books available to pre-order before November 25.

Anyone who orders during the pre-launch can also avail of an offer to purchase the 3D book along with a T-shirt with 2 characters which also come alive on the T-shirt.

If you want to discover more about this Irish company, visit or contact them directly [email protected] for more information.

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