Leading healthcare, technology and services company Clanwilliam Group has announced a new partnership with the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation which will see the charity go paperless.

Clanwilliam Group is providing software worth €50,000 that will the enable Jack & Jill’s nationwide network of nurses to manage patient files electronically. Through the partnership, the Group will share expertise as its team trains Jack & Jill’s nurses in the use of the software. Fundraising support will also be provided over the course of the partnership, which will run for the next five years.

Clanwilliam Group is entering into this charity partnership to celebrate a key moment in its history. Helix Health and Socrates Healthcare, wholly owned subsidiaries of Clanwilliam Group and leading providers of practice management and pharmacy software, are rebranding as Clanwilliam Health.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Jack & Jill – a charity which is well known for the intensive home nursing care it provides to critically ill children across the country. We are honoured to be supporting this great cause through a significant software donation that will revolutionise how Jack & Jill’s network of nurses manages patient records in the future. Rather than relying on and storing paper files, the nurses will now have all the information they need at their fingertips. Our team is also looking forward to supporting Jack & Jill by offering up our expertise as we train the nurses in the use of the technology, and by giving our time to help the charity in its fundraising efforts.

“With the advent of this partnership, we are marking a key milestone for our company while doing good. As of today, both Helix Health and Socrates Healthcare will be known as Clanwilliam Health – a move which makes a lot of sense for our customers who already know them as Clanwilliam Group businesses. While the Clanwilliam Health name will unify us, we will continue to develop, sell and support each of our individual flagship products.

“Each of our software products have their own strengths, features and customer communities. It’s important that we retain the independent technology roadmaps, guided by their users, while also opening the door to highly complementary technologies,” said Jennifer Hughes, Director of Marketing, Clanwilliam Group.

The Jack & Jill nationwide nursing team welcomed the partnership and the revolution the software provided will make possible in patient care. Clanwilliam Group is providing the charity with its HPM software, which is widely used by medical practitioners in Ireland to maintain patient records.

“We are delighted that Clanwilliam Group is coming on board as our partner and look forward to seeing the effects of its software donation in action as it removes the need for us to refer to paper files. When dealing with critically ill children, time and accuracy are of the essence. Technology has a huge role to play in healthcare – it will make such a difference to be able to pull all the relevant information about the patient up on a screen quickly and easily. Thanks to Clanwilliam Group, Jack & Jill will be utilising technology to future proof the standard of care we provide, while at the same time using technology to save time. Time that can be spent face to face with our families, where it really matters,” said Jack & Jill specialist children’s nurse Caroline Thomas, who was at the partnership launch.

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