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Exciting new celebration of Irish inventions taking place currently in Dublin at No 1, Grand Canal Square, organised by Irish Tech News supporter Michael Cusack Clyne.



This new Irish Invent Showcase celebrates contemporary Irish Inventors, Reinventors and Their Inventions.  Supported by ID2015 to put this showcase together.

From the Irish IoT Designed Smart Cooking Scales [Drop] to the Mouldable Glue that turns into flexible Rubber [Sugru], Irish Inventive Product Design has hit the runway in a Global Way.

Each of these inventive products have their own display case(s) allowing for each, to tell its own story and for people to see the actual products on display. The motivation for this Irish Invent Showcase is to inspire all ages to create, design and produce amazing, useful and beautifully products to share with the world.

Products include:

Most of these featured Irish Designed Consumer Products are commercially available or soon to launch on a global scale, Several have had recent major success on CrowdFunding websites such as Kickstarter. The Majority have been supported by our Global Irish Export Enterprise Ireland focused agency, IDA Ireland and some have even been invested in by some major VC supported companies such as the awesome Liam Casey’s PCH, Sean O’Sullivan’s SOS Ventures, Frank Kenny’s Delta Partners and Bank of Ireland’s BOI Kernel Capital.

This Irish Invent Showcase is now currently on display at BOINo 1 Grand Canal Square, Silicon Docks, Dublin 2 from now til October 10th, 2015 as part of the Startup Gathering celebration supported by the team at Startup Ireland.


Dates: September 21 – October 10th 2015

at No. 1 Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2

Event opening hours:

8am – 18:00pm (Monday – Friday)

9am – 13:00pm (Saturday)

Venue  No. 1 Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2

Event social media links: TwitterFacebook , Instagram or Linkedin


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