Guest Post by Josh Case

As most of you guys are aware, I have acquired ClearPoll. I’m really excited for the future and wanted to share a little about myself, as well as some of my ideas and plans for 2019.

My name is Josh Case and I’m the founder and CEO of Ethershift is an “instant exchange” that has no accounts and requires 0 customer information. Our main goal is to integrate with every wallet, ATM, and payment process to allow the frictionless trading of 100+ assets and counting. We are opening up a gift card section tomorrow allowing gift cards to be purchased instantly with any of the tokens we support, as well as a variety of other features that are coming soon. ClearPoll has been listed on Ethershift for most of our time open, so any new feature we launch, will be available to POLL token holders. Daniel was an advisor during our token sale, and continues to provide great advice and insight to this day. I was really excited when he approached me with this opportunity, and was more excited that he wanted to stay on as an advisor. He really cares about the community, and the project, and it’s awesome being around someone like him.

One thing Daniel requested, which I fully agree with, is that the utility of the POLL token remain the same or improve. I’m happy to announce that we are going to be making some changes that will improve the incentives for holding POLL. As most of you know, the model so far had been planned for 50% of all revenue to go towards the reward pool, and the other 50% eventually going to the ClearPoll business for operating costs etc. We are changing this structure.

Here is how it will work beginning March 1st.

  • 100% of all revenue from ClearPoll will go towards buying POLL on a public exchange. For now, it will be KU COIN.
  • 50% of all POLL bought from the ClearPoll revenue will go towards the reward pool.
  • 15% of all POLL bought from the ClearPoll revenue will be airdropped to POLL token holders each month according to the % of supply you own. (Minimum amount required to receive airdrop is 100 POLL. Exchanges will not be included.)
  • 5% of all POLL bought from the ClearPoll revenue will be locked forever. This will be a publicly verifiable transaction on the blockchain.
  • 5% of all POLL bought from the ClearPoll revenue will go towards promotions, influencers, marketing.
  • 25% of all POLL bought from the ClearPoll revenue will go towards ClearPoll operating costs and overhead. These tokens will have a 120-day vesting period (instead of the previous 30 days).

I think this structure will be a great change to POLL. It keeps the points multiplier and rewards pool in place, while giving additional revenue streams to POLL holders, as well as a burn over time to deflate the supply. I will be working on more benefits and utility for POLL token, and will announce those later this month.

I am also pleased to announce that ClearPoll with be an official part of the McAfee 2020 presidential campaign! I will have more information to give to you about this very soon, but this will definitely provide a lot of visibility for ClearPoll throughout the election cycle, as well as provide a transparent polling service to the industry that probably needs it the most, politics. I think John is just scratching the surface with the campaigns we can get involved with ClearPoll during the upcoming American election cycle. I already have some great contacts in this space, and hope to have some good news soon regarding more people using ClearPoll in politics soon.

I have a lot of other ideas and plans for ClearPoll for 2019, and will make another post Jan 16th describing these more in detail. I’m super happy with everyone’s attitude and comments about the change so far and know that ClearPoll has an amazing future ahead. If anyone has any questions or ideas feel free to reach out on telegram!

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