As the days grow colder and the nights get longer, you may find that it’s getting increasingly hard to get out of bed in the mornings. After all, who would want to trade the warmth of their covers and comforters for the cold air outside, or their beds for their work desks? You probably set several alarms a day so you can snooze through some of them, but with CARROT, there’s no need for that.

CARROT appCARROT promises to change the way we set our alarms and respond to them by making waking up fun by assigning you different challenges and chores to be able to shut the alarm off. That’s right, there’s no snooze button here. This alarm has personality! As you boot up, it introduces itself as “your new mistress”, and it intends to do everything required to live up to its name.

It wakes you up with one of the 30+ songs preloaded to the app, all custom-made for CARROT! And to turn it off? Well, you’ll have to complete a set of tasks set for you by your mistress. These include cleaning out the cages of lab monkeys, torturing scientists, and a load of other evil genius chores. And if you mess up, the app has ways of punishing you, so be warned.

If you complete enough tasks, however, the app could reward you with upgrades, new songs, and even bedtime stories. O2 says that, “If a strange laugh is enough to tempt you out from under the covers, then Carrot is your perfect wakeup call.” Meanwhile, the app has also been featured by Apple and is being hailed as one of the most creative alarm clock apps out there.

Its makers, Grailr LLC, have also integrated CARROT into other apps that others may find more useful. There’s the CARROT Fit, an app that promises to “Make getting in shape suck so much less” by implementing the same technology behind their alarm clock.

In CARROT Fit, your mistress has one goal: “to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race.” She makes you do a 7 Minutes in Hell Workout, which is supposedly an hour-long workout trimmed down to be completed in seven minutes, with exercises like Mt. Doom Climbs, Celebrity Face Punches, and Dragon Mating Dances. She’ll even comment on your weight loss or weight gain when you enter your weight for tracking purposes.

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If you’ve fallen in love with CARROT and want to have her ruling over your whole day and not just your sleeping patterns and fitness regimens, you can also try CARROT To-Do. While functioning in much the same way as the alarm clock and giving you several challenges to complete alongside your own tasks, this To-Do List is actually more of a game.

There are several chapters where you unfold a story, 500 unique rewards that vary based on your overlord’s mood, and even an adorable kitten that you can unlock and keep as a pet. You can even dress up your pet kitten by buying costumes through in-app purchases, customize the screen, and even unlock cheat codes.

Grailr LLC sure have come a long way with their adorable overlord, as many users for all of the CARROT apps have said that these apps help them be more productive. Although the apps aren’t free, they’re surely worth the $2 that you’ll be spending to get acquainted with CARROT.


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