With Netflix’s new gift card, it’s easier than ever to discover great shows this Christmas – whether it’s binging on House of Cards, Marvel’s Jessica Jones or curling up on the couch with A Very Murray Christmas, Bill Murray’s star studded Christmas special.

A Very Murray Christmas

Stuck for a Christmas gift idea or planning what to watch on your days off?  The world’s leading internet TV channel has added yet another way to explore movies and programmes with its new Netflix card.  Available in three prepaid amounts – €15, €25 or €50 – the card can be used with any viewing plan.  Simply buy the card and give the gift of streaming or, even better, start your own binge (it’s Christmas after all!)

What this means for your Christmas holiday: it’s even easier to watch the best movies and comedies and get engrossed in the latest series and documentaries.  You get the chance to discover great shows like Narcos, Dragons: Race to the Edge and Master of None with Aziz Ansari or documentaries like What Happened Miss Simone?

Be warned: the Netflix card is not just for Christmas, it’s for life.  It will allow you to spend time with Pornstache or Piper from Orange is the New Black, infiltrate the President’s inner circle in House of Cards and watch your favourite shows over and over again or find new ones.

Netflix Cards are available nationwide from GameStop. Cards come in three denominations €15, €25 and €50

About Netflix Cards:

Where to get it
With the Netflix card you can put credit on your existing Netflix account or open a new account. The card can be used for all subscription plans and is available in three amounts, €15, €25 or €50. Users can activate the Netflix card without the need to add other payment information like a credit card or PayPal. With that have total control over the costs. The Netflix card is available in GameStop.  More stores will be added in the next months. You can find supported retailers via the Netflix card store locator  https://storelocator.gmgpulse.com/v2/partner/netflix?locale=en-IE

How to set-up your Netflix account
With Netflix you are the one that decides what is on TV tonight. Bingeing through a season of one of your favourite TV show, create the perfect movie night or catch-up on some great documentaries. It’s all up to you. But how do you start? There are varied ways to use Netflix via smart TV, mobile, tablet, computer or game console. You can sign in on any of these devices and continue watching at the exact point you stopped.

How to use the Netflix Card
Scratch the back from the card to access the code and enter it while setting up a new account or your existing account at Netflix.com. The gift cards work with new accounts as well as existing ones. It does not affect the free first month offer and there are no strings attached. You can use the purchased value for your favourite Netflix subscription plan. Using the gift card you go here www.netflix.com/gift. Already have an account? Than you put the code on your account via the website. Add Netflix card to your account, choose different plans. Members will receive service as long as the card balance lasts.

Smart TV
Most Smart TVs have the Netflix app already installed. Look out for the Netflix icon on your Smart TV interface or even a button on the remote control. Still no luck? Than you can use an Apple TV, Chromecast or get Netflix via a BT/YouView, or Virgin set top box. Sign in to Netflix with your account and start watching.

Netflix has an app for Android, iOS and Windows, you can download it from the app stores for free and sign in with your Netflix account. The app is for both smartphones as tablets and you can start watching as soon as you are connected to the internet.

Via the laptop and computer you can watch Netflix directly via the website.. The website also gives you the opportunity to personalize your personal profile. Not only to choose your package, but also to put in your favourite genres and shows and choose your language and subtitles.

Game console
Netflix is available on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo game consoles. Look out for the Netflix icon and have fun streaming!

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