The first ever Startup Weekend Dublin immigration comes to Dublin this March from the 8th to 10th. This event is powered by Dublin City Council and Local Enterprise Office Dublin to help introduce migrants to entrepreneurship and those wishing to solve problems affecting them taking place at Udemy Dublin.

The team is thrilled to announce that the tickets are now on sale on the official website.

Startup Weekend is a 54 hour experience where people experience the highs, lows, joys and pressures that form life at a startup.

They will learn how to create a real company, they will meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders and sponsors, all of whom are ready to help them get started.

So whoever the participants may be and whatever dreams and aspirations they may have, everyone should come and take part in a weekend that could be a life changer.

They had the desire to launch this Startup weekend edition because they believe we need people from every country and every background to tackle the problems we face together. It’s only combined that we have all the pieces to change the future. No one should be left behind.

The goal is to create a healthy environment where entrepreneurs from diverse  backgrounds can create, collaborate and find innovative solutions.

For this Startup weekend edition they also have amazing sponsors that share the same belief that talented people come from everywhere.

The Dublin City Council, The local Enterprise Office, Techfugees, Huckeltree, The Dublin Tech summit, The Business Innovation Center and the Guinness Enterprise Center.  All of them have offered amazing prizes to allow the participants to have the necessary resources to move forward with their projects.

So whoever you are, whatever you are doing in your life: be part of the change and book your ticket now on the official website to attend this event.

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